PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the McDonald’s in Walt Disney World, Set to Close for Refurbishment on October 30th

For many Walt Disney World fans, their nostalgia of the parks goes hand-in-hand with memories of the numerous McDonald’s kiosks that served food from the Golden Arches. Due to a strategic partnership that went into effect in 1997, a total of six co-branded kiosks and quick service restaurants sold McDonald’s French Fries, McNuggets, and even McFlurries throughout the parks. The Eisner-era partnership also led to the development of two full-fledged McDonald’s locations on property, with one in the then-Downtown Disney and another by Disney’s All-Star Resorts.

Image Credit: rustyalaska via Flickr

Many may recall the McDonald’s near Disney’s All-Star Resorts by its former wacky exterior featuring larger-than-life figures of Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and anthropomorphic menu items, like fries, Happy Meals, and McMuffins.

That McDonald’s originally opened back in 1998, and received its first makeover in 2009, where it was transformed from its cartoonish exterior to the more contemporary look we see now. WDWNT was actually there to document the newly-reopened McDonald’s, as evidenced by a piece we recently unearthed simply titled, “Tren-Donald’s.” Now, 10 years later, this McDonald’s location is set to undergo a lengthy refurbishment to bring guests a “redesigned, more elevated experience” upon reopening in March of 2020.

For all you nostalgia junkies out there, we decided to tour the facility as it is now, prior to its refurbishment, to preserve it in McDonald’s-Disney history forever. The alliance between the two companies ended in 2007, leaving this McDonald’s location as the only remaining relic of the partnership. While it’s a shadow of its former, colorful self, this McDonald’s remains wildly popular, despite its inflated prices. Families flock here whether they’re staying at Disney’s All-Star Resorts (there’s even a dedicated walkway) or need a bite to eat after a long after-hours event in the parks. Without much further ado, we present… the last McDonald’s on Walt Disney World property:

When it first reopened in 2009, the location was lauded for its clean, contemporary look. Now it’s aged just like all of the other McDonald’s that were redone during those years, permanently stuck in that early-2000’s “modern” look.

The location also features a vast outdoor seating area.

The drive-thru here is usually packed, especially during off hours when most restaurants and quick services are closed in the parks and resorts.

Inside, seating with bright contemporary colors was separated off into different sections. This side even features a television playing Disney movies.

The current ordering area. The refurbishment may bring the new self-service kiosks that have been popping up at other locations.

Not many know this, but there’s a dedicated walkway linking the McDonald’s to the entrance of Disney’s All-Star Resorts.

The Disney-sanctioned walkway was built to prevent guests from dangerously jaywalking across the nearby intersection.

Here’s a full walking tour of the McDonald’s as it will be remembered in its 2009-2019 era:

The restaurant will be closing on October 30th for refurbishment and is scheduled to reopen in March 2020.

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Will C
Will C
1 year ago

You forgot to mention the perpetual Lion King that always is airing on the back 2 TVs in an infinite play loop.

Chance Lowenberg
Chance Lowenberg
1 year ago

Neat history information! But I can only hope that during the refurbishment the staff gets replaced with faster models. It is possibly the slowest McDs I’ve ever been too.

1 year ago