PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo DisneySea 10/27/19 (Fantasy Springs Construction, A Reverse Tour, Giant Chandu Pin, and More)

The weather is on the fritz here in Tokyo. It keeps going between sunny, cloudy, and pouring buckets of rain. Reminds me of Florida, a bit! So while the weather is rather neutral and cloudy, let’s set sail around Tokyo DisneySea and check out what’s new this week!

Disney Resort Line & Fantasy Springs

Left or right? I think we should go left and check out the Disney Resort Line and Fantasy Springs today.

In anticipation of Frozen II, also known as Ana to Yuki no Joō 2 here in Japan, the Disney Resort Line has released two new Day Pass designs! I like to collect these cute designs, so I chose the one on the right today! We previously shared the news of the Frozen II merchandise line available through December.

If you choose the back escalator at Resort Gateway Station, you can see this incredible mural of Tokyo Disney Resort circa 2001! There’s no Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, no Tower of Terror, and you can even see Meet the World instead of Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek at Tokyo Disneyland!

Aren’t these faces adorable? Even if they take up a bit of the window, I think it adds to the experience!

In the vicinity of Bayside Station, we can see the massive Fantasy Springs construction site. The progress is slow, but it’s so exciting to see! It won’t be long before 2022 is upon us!

Tokyo DisneySea

One of the best perks of riding the Disney Resort Line is this excellent view you can only get on the arrival platform!

As you enter Tokyo DisneySea, posters of the park’s attractions are on display along the sides of ticket booths. Attraction posters are one of those nice little details that kind of winks at the fans and makes the experience a little bit better! I hope with Epcot’s posters returning, we’ll see attraction posters in general return as a larger trend.

On the way in, I caught the Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band! They played a combination of hits like “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” alongside the themes from all seven ports of Tokyo DisneySea!

After the show, the band members took pictures with Guests!

If you walk into Porto Paradiso at the right time, you might catch Festival of Mystique in progress! In this show, evil sea witches try to take over the Porto Paradiso Halloween celebration from the Disney Friends, and they all band together to stop them! I wasn’t a huge fan at first, but the show has really grown on me. If you want to watch for yourself, check out our video!

Soaring: Fantastic Flight’s popularity has yet to wane. The line is so long that they tape down a line along the aqueduct, with switchbacks, so everyone can get a chance to soar!

One of my favorite parts of Tokyo DisneySea is the incredible rockwork along Mount Prometheus. It looks so real, it’s unbelievable!

How much do I need to pay for this banner? I need it in my living room.

Last week, I showed off the Renaissance galleon in Fortress Explorations. When I saw the Tower of Terror and Ponte Vecchio at this angle, I had to snap a shot!

Over in Mysterious Island, we can check out 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… for a sizeable wait. It’s well worth it, don’t get me wrong, but I’d prefer not to stand in line for 45 minutes.

Over at Mermaid Lagoon, the clouds are muting the usually more brilliant colors. One of these days, we’ll get to check out Mermaid Lagoon in a pure blue sky!

This small area is currently blocked off near Triton’s Kingdom, likely for pavement work.

Salaam from Arabian Coast! It’s pretty lively in the square today, but the sounds of the Caravan Carousel keeps the sound fun!

If you’ve ever walked through the Arabian Coast area, you’ll notice the lovely alleys, almost reminiscent of Morocco at EPCOT.

And you can meet Stitch and Angel in special Arabian Coast hats!

Admire the view, folks!

Over in Lost River Delta, you can meet Indiana Jones, fresh off his latest adventure! When I first ran in to him, he was interacting with Guests dressed like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. In his journal, he had a lovely drawing of an “artifact”, very reminiscent of the famous lantern popcorn bucket!

Some Cast Members walk around and draw famous Disney characters on the ground… with water! They’re fairly skilled at their craft, and made this Pluto look extra convincing!

The fore funnel on the S.S. Columbia is now out of refurb! The lights still don’t come on, but it shouldn’t be long before the refurbishment is complete!

Duffy was on his way out to greet Guests in Waterfront Park today! Duffy is one of my favorites to interact with, since his mannerisms are just so darn cute!

Today, I was lucky enough to win seats for Big Band Beat! This spectacular stage show is a swingin’ tribute to jazz and swing music from the 1920s through the ’40s. It’s one of the best shows at any Disney park, and I highly recommend you see it! Unfortunately, no photos or videos are allowed during the show (and boy do they monitor), so the best I can show is the theatre before the curtain rises.

Hotel Hightower is looking extra ominous today in the clouds! Some say the shrieks of Harrison Hightower can still be heard inside…

Last week, some of the benches outside Waterfront Park were covered by planters. This week, the entire section is covered for minor repairs.

By the time I’d circled back around, the next show of Festival of Mystique had started. During the show, the Venetian Gondola gondoliers set up a cute photo area. I proudly posed like a gondolier, ready to sail through Porto Paradiso!

Merchandise & Costumes

DisneySea seems to be a less popular destination for costumed Guests. But, you can still catch a few here and there. She’s dressed like Mickey from the upcoming It’s Christmas Time! show, coming for its second year in just a couple of weeks!

These two elaborate costumes represent Daisy and Minnie as they appeared in the 2011-2017 Dockside Stage show “A Table is Waiting”.

At Il Postino Stationery, this new Hello, New York! pin danced in last week, and clocks in at ¥1000 ($9.21). This wonderful show returns November 8th with a jolly holiday overlay!

Also at Il Postino, this oversized pin features the ever-adorable Chandu from Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage! This lovely pin also comes in at ¥1000 ($9.21).

And down at Emporio, you can catch these garbage can-themed accessory cases for ¥1500 ($13.81)

And that’s the news! I certainly hope the clouds clear up in time for the holidays at Tokyo DisneySea! What are you excited to see? Did you enjoy our reverse-order trip around the park? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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