REVIEW: New Vegan Plant-Based Sicilian-Style Pizza and Not-So-Vegan Cannoli Cake at Pizzafari in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In an effort to appeal to a wider variety of tastes and dietary preferences, Walt Disney World recently rolled out a ton of new vegan, plant-based menu items, complete with a cute new leaf icon to help vegan and vegetarian guests easily pinpoint their options. That’s right, the days of obscure vegan menus and having to stand around waiting for a chef are a thing of the past, and with vegan food items now out in the open, even the omnivores are getting curious.

Today, we’re at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (because what better place to offer plant-based offerings than the crunchiest park on property) checking out all of the new vegan offerings, and our first stop is Pizzafari… yes, that Pizzafari.

On the menu, you’ll notice the new leaf icon next to a few sparse items, including the Sicilian-Style Pizza Slice, Uncrustables, and… well, that’s it. That about does it for plant-based offerings here. But if you’re in the mood for pizza, at least you know there’s a spot with a vegan pizza option. It’s worth noting that for these reviews, we have some very non-vegan taste testers, so if they deem these offerings good, you know you can take it as gospel. Of course, non-vegans as they are, they also had to go for the Cannoli Cake, a notoriously bad dessert here. We’ve left that in the review to, you know, warn the vegetarians. You’ll thank us later.

Sicilian-Style Pizza Slice (Served with Small Garden Salad) – $10.49

At first, we were worried about this pizza. We went in wary, and then seeing the lack of toppings, the random dough bubble in the corner, and the non-melted vegan cheese made us only worry even more. As someone familiar with vegan dairy alternatives, there are plenty of melty options to choose from now, and I’m pretty disappointed Disney hasn’t opted for Daiya, Chao, or any of the other alternatives out there instead of generic vegan cheese shreds.

However… the pizza isn’t as bad as it looks, really. The dough tastes spot-on to any other pizza crust, and the sauce also tasted on par with other pizzas we’ve had here. It’s a surprisingly good option, and as you can see from it taking over the plate, it’s also a good value given the size.

That’s still not to say we enjoy vegan cheese, though. But with real cheese, this could top the regular pizza offerings here any day. Yes, there could be more toppings on here, and we really wish there were, because the fake meat crumbles are really good and spicy. The green peppers and cubed tomatoes also added lots of flavor.

Do note that the pizza does come with a side salad, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. There wasn’t enough vinaigrette on it, which left you chewing on dry leaves like the Iguanodon in front of Dinosaur.

Cannoli Cake – $4.99

The cake part of the cannoli cake wasn’t bad, really. The chocolate cake layer on the bottom is actually pretty solid, but we aren’t sure if the flavor here is even cannoli, as it’s pretty much just cream over chocolate cake.

And don’t get us started on the cannoli on top. It’s rubbery and soft, and not nearly the crunchy pastry you were hoping for. We found ourselves laughing uncontrollably when we ate this, because it’s really just that bad. Don’t believe us? Here’s a review of the cake from 2018 where we literally opened with: “Mistakes were made.”

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1 year ago

I understand the idea and concept behind having a non-vegan try the new plant-based options, but it would be more helpful to compare plant-based offerings across the Disney Parks instead of pointing out that this non-dairy pizza doesn’t taste as good without regular cheese. Disney is trying to offer new, delicious menu choices for people who choose that lifestyle, so I’d rather read a review that determines whether or not this option is achieving that goal. Something to keep in mind for future articles!

Marc David
Marc David
1 year ago

Take the advice, leave the cannoli.

1 year ago

Thank you for going and trying the new vegan offerings! We are taking our last trip to Disney for a loooong time at the end of the month, and want to make the absolute most out of it. Being vegan, this really helps with achieving that goal, ha!