PHOTOS: Star Wars Themed Names Removed From Menu Items at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney has changed the names of the menu items at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo to remove the Star Wars-themed names in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Previously, names like Smoked Kaadu Ribs and Fried Endorian Tip-Yip graced the menu, adding to the theme of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

All of the main entrees, including kids meals, now have straightforward, non-themed names:

renamed docking bay 7 menu wdw 1 renamed docking bay 7 menu wdw 4

For example, the Shaak Roast is now simply a “Beef Pot Roast” and the Yobshrimp Noodle Salad is now a “Shrimp & Noodle Salad.” As you’ll see, the Felucian Garden Spread is now just the Hummus Garden Spread.

Do note that the original Star Wars themed names are still listed on these, just in very tiny font beneath the new labels, probably to remind those who’ve gotten used to ordering the items by their original names that their favorite dishes are still here.

renamed docking bay 7 menu wdw 3

As with the adult menu, the Fried Endorian Tip-Yip is now listed as Fried Chicken under the Kids’ Meals section. The Taste of Takodana is now labeled “Veggie Dippers”.

renamed docking bay 7 menu wdw 2

renamed docking bay 7 menu wdw 5

The desserts and breakfast menu have retained their original, themed names, but they have simplified them somewhat, with Tugg’s Morning Oats now listed as Tugg’s Overnight Oats, the Bright Suns Morning now listed as the Bright Suns Breakfast Platter, and the Mustafarian Lava Roll now described as the Mustafarian Cinnamon Roll.

Here’s a look at the online menus:

Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 9.44.38 AM

Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 9.45.02 AM


Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 9.44.53 AM

Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 9.44.45 AM

Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 9.45.07 AM

Despite menu descriptions and photos, it appears Disney wanted to make ordering easier for guests by removing the themed menu item names. This does come, of course, at the sacrifice of the in-depth immersion that was originally a part of the land’s mission. As of publishing time, the themed menu item names remain listed as-is for Docking Bay 7 at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge.

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  1. I hope they change “blue milk” to Weird Fruity Drink That’s Non-Dairy Even Though It’s Supposed To Be Milk

    • Coconut milk, while not dairy milk, is still called a “milk”. Coconut milk is the base for blue milk.

      • I want the hot mammal milk fresh from the manatee seal creature that bitter Jedi survive on. I can live my own coconut milk adventure at any Publix

        • LOL. Doesn’t matter. I worked in Guest Services at WDW. People don’t read. Add to the mix a bunch of non-English speakers and you get double the fun. It was likely simplified b/c a) people couldn’t pronounce the words – or understand what they meant or referred to and b) people got confused and asked too many questions holding up lines. Remember, not everyone visiting SWGE is a SW fan; not everyone visiting WDW speaks English.

  2. This is really sad. People will learn. Maybe just have the menus change back and forth between the themed name and what they actually are for “translation” between the Batuu native language and English.

  3. With WDW attracting a larger international crowd I can understand them changing the names. Since the pictures make it difficult to figure out what the food is I can only imagine someone with limited knowledge of the English language trying to figure out what Shaak and Tip-yip are.

    • The print menus they hand out, as well as the one ourside on the wall, and the tv displays all make it very clear what each item is. They’re just being lazy, intentionally ignorant, tourists. They already have to translate the menu to their native language any way, what’s so hard?

  4. I’d love to know the “why” behind this, it’s probably just like the “caution, contents hot” fast food places started putting on coffee cups……betting someone was confused and ate some beef that’s a vegan or something (nothing against vegans or carnivores or any other dietary choice just needed a good example ;-)
    My vote is leave the cool names on the menu and if you don’t like Kaadu Ribs or Tip-Yip, hop the next transport OFF Batuu and have lunch at the sci-fi or Prime Time dinner, i love the fully immersive aspect of Batuu and look forward to maybe even more immersive in the star wars themed hotel.

  5. They aren’t completely removed. I was there yesterday and the original Batuuan names are still displayed (in a smaller font) on the digital menus below their standard generic name.

  6. That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. They took the Star Wars names out of the Star wars restaurant in the Star wars land… There were normal descriptions under the fun names there is no reason to do this. It’s just ruining fun for fans.

  7. Was this seriously a problem, next thing you know we are going to have to change Tony’s Town Square Meatballs to Tony’s Town Square Circular Meat Wads

  8. So this is infuriating to me! At first I was sad, then disappointed, and now just mad at the stupidity of people. So it sounds like Disney had to change the names of food because people couldn’t just read the description of what it was? That is the whole point of Star wars Galaxy Edge – you are on another planet. It is called immersion for a reason. I am not usually critical of Disney at all. I stand up for stuff other people say they do stupid stuff but this? leave the food names alone! My family was so looking forward to going next year and this is going to be a little of the magic takien away from us now. Disney said it was going to be a place of full immersion – other planets don’t sell Earth food! 😢

    • You do understand that the original names are made up, and aren’t really the foods that they say they are, right? I guess I just can’t really grasp how “magic” is lost by properly naming foods (especially when the made-up names are still listed with the entrees).

    • You can still say you want the Endorian nip-slip… the staff there still knows the old names if you want to role play being on another planet

    • You are the parent, you are supposed to help create the magic. If you order it under its old name and help the immersion feel real it wont take away from the magic your children experience. Leave your jaded adult life at the front gate. The immersion is for them, not for you.

    • What folks are not happy about is the normal names have become the focus and the fun names (which are supposed to be the focus) have become secondary in tiny font. Meaning, the point of immersion became null for this eatery.

      It’s thanks to folks who don’t want to bother reading descriptions. Lazy folks basically

  9. I tried the ribs, and they did not have a smokey flavor but a hot buffalo and sour flavor that was off putting. I had their ribs at Hollywood studios in florida which were great. But the ribs as Disneyland black spire where awfully.

    And when I mentioned it to the manager she just shrugged her shoulder.

  10. Probably for Florida’s massive number of Brazilian tourists that already speak very little English as is. Lets sacrifice immersion for the rudest park guests!

  11. I can understand with the Smoked Kaadu Ribs as it’s hard to be sure by the picture if it’s beef or pork ribs. Which is an issue if you’re trying to decide if it’s kosher or halal.

  12. Morons! This is why we can’t have nice things! Well might as well add this to the contributing factor as to why Galaxy’s Edge is getting underwhelming reviews from people along with the budget cuts to entertainment and characters, this ship is sinking lower and lower and lower with pretty much every decision they make! Honestly I don’t see GE lasting after WDW 50th anniversary it’ll probably end up being abandoned in the next 4 years.

  13. So we lost the land’s unique theming to redundant and generic menus, when the menus both printed and on mobile prior to the changes already had the contents of each dish laid out clearly on the footnotes under the themed names. These new menus look incredibly dumb pointing out twice that it is in fact a “chicken dish”, what’s next the Ronto Wrap as a “Sausage and Slaw Soft Taco”? Not very immersive if you ask me. #SaveTheRontoWrap

  14. This is by far the stupidest thing Disney has done. That’s how three things promised for immersion that are no longer around. First droids was a no go, people dressed like some aliens another no show. Now the food is being changed because folks can’t bother to read the description and get confused? I’m pretty sure folks who complained are folks who don’t care about an immersive experience and just want a straight theme park attraction to just ride and move along. Hopefully Disney dumps the focus on 1% of a group that spends the same amount as a European vacation at parks and starts focusing on everyone again. Disney said all are welcome, kinda hard to honor his word when most middle class families can’t even go anymore.

    Really disappointed with how Disney is handling things. It’s an all business perspective now and no longer an all family perspective.

    Oh well.

  15. I have a bad feeling this is just the start, and soon they’re going to even ditch the sort of “in character” acting all the cast members do.

    I’m sure there will be a meeting “This month we had two angry guests that were too confused by the To The Spires saying, so let’s just have them stop doing the fun stuff. Make it like the rest of the park. I mean, do people really enjoy immersion?”

  16. The reason the Disney parks work (or indeed worked – past tense) with such unique “magic” not found at other theme parks, was immersion. Using the basic rule for successful fictional entertainment: the suspension of disbelief.

    It’s why Walt was so bothered by seeing a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland – it’s jarring to our brains. It’s why trees are used to obscure one land from the others, it’s why you can’t meet Mickey while he’s in the parade. It’s all on purpose, so we can leave the real world behind (which is hard enough to do now with the constantly connected lives we lead, but that’s another topic).

    So when when Ikea furniture shows up in Batuu, or I get “Fried Chicken” to eat with my “Fork” – the fragile suspension of disbelief, the immersion is broken. Yes, we all know how the Disney sausage is made – I’d just rather not think about it while I’m eating it, or or ordering it from a menu. “Yes, I’ll have the ‘Pig snouts, eyeballs and miscellaneous, stuffed in an intestine’ please”.

    I understand it’s hard for the humans to communicate and learn new things, but once we do, aren’t we the richer for it? Isn’t it more fun to order and eat Schinkennudeln, rather than a lacklustre “Ham & Noodles”? “Crème Brulée” or “Burnt Cream”?

    Like many foreign tourist destinations here on Earth, Batuu already had the Earth English description under the Batuuan menu item name. For those that don’t understand either, swapping the names around really isn’t going to help much.

    For guests with special dietary needs (as our family is), we always have to ask anyway, whether English or not. I know of no better place for bending over backwards to help those guests, and often adding that rare bit of pixie dust to make those guests feel special.

    For guests frustrated by a lack of real worldery, names of things not describing what they are (Dole Whip?) and can’t push through to reading the next line underneath (or hate having to ask), then perhaps Disney World isn’t for them.

    That said, I fear it soon will be.

  17. Since I haven’t been there yet, I have no idea how busy this restaurant has been – perhaps others who’ve experienced it can speak to this – but this decision makes me wonder if Disney is just not happy with the amount of business Docking Bay has been generating and they hope that by tweaking the menus, they can draw in the more finicky eaters and boost sales. If that’s the case, then it’s obviously more of a profit-based decision and their “easing of guest confusion” explanation is just an official company line that sounds better.

  18. that is a shame, if they really need to why not leave the themed name in large type and add the for stupid name in smaller type.

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