PHOTOS: Disney Skyliner Manufacturer Debuts New Gondola Design at IAAPA 2019

Doppelmayr has unveiled the Omega V gondola cabin, the new version of the Omega IV cabin currently being utilized on the Disney Skyliner. We snagged a look at the Omega V cabin at the 2019 IAAPA expo in Orlando, and it looks quite snazzy indeed.

Omega 5 Gondola1 Omega 5 Gondola5

The Doppelmayr booth is definitely one of the coolest ones at the expo, with full-scale gondola cabins on display and even being used as meeting spaces for potential customers.

Omega 5 Gondola6 Omega 5 Gondola4

The exterior of the Omega V cabin is very similar to the Omega IV cabin used at Walt Disney World, as you can see from these photos.

Omega 5 Gondola2

The entrance to the new cabin is a little larger than the Omega IV cabin and it features 10 individual seats which seems nicer (in theory) than the benches used on the Disney Skyliner.

According to Doppelmayr, these cabins are interchangeable with the system used for the Disney Skyliner. However, even though the Omega V cabin features an optional air conditioner, it is unlikely that Walt Disney World will upgrade their cabins so soon after the system’s grand opening, especially if a new monorail fleet is on the way.

What do you think of these new Omega V cabins?

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Disney Skyliner Manufacturer Debuts New Gondola Design at IAAPA 2019”

  1. The bench is better when you consider the various size and shapes of people, just like the monorails have bench seating.

  2. Disney has always had access to the latest in technology. I refuse to believe that they bought those gondolas because the others were not available. Disney purchased them because they were cheaper. The gondolas that they bought don’t have air conditioning. The latest gondolas do, it’s optional but available. People please wake up and realize Disney doesn’t have your interest at heart any longer. I can’t wait for Bob Iger to retire! I still don’t think the parks will ever recover from this. Walt would have already fired him and had him blackballed!!!

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