PHOTO: Remaining Trees Along Fountain Area Removed from France Pavilion in EPCOT

If the France pavilion in EPCOT didn’t feel empty and barren with the removal of six out of the ten trees that typically line the fountain, it sure does now. Today we noticed that the remaining four trees have also been removed.

France pavilion trees gone 11/21/19 7

Last week we saw that the first six trees had been removed and the spot where they were previously planted had been filled in with concrete. The same is true for the final four.

France pavilion trees gone 11/21/19 6

France pavilion trees gone 11/21/19 1
France pavilion trees gone 11/21/19 2
EPCOT’s France pavilion is undergoing a long string of changes as it expands to welcome Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, La Crêperie de Paris, and a new Beauty and the Beast Sing-along. The removal of these trees seems to be related to all the other work to improve the pavilion.

The gardens to the right side of the pavilion remain intact for now, though they sit directly in the path of the start of the new walkway to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and La Crêperie.

What do you think will become of the gardens and this area as a whole as the pavilion sees a total makeover? We will keep you up to date on any changes as they come.

13 thoughts on “PHOTO: Remaining Trees Along Fountain Area Removed from France Pavilion in EPCOT”

  1. They seem set on removing every bit of magic from WDW that they can find. We won’t be renewing our annual passes when they expire.

    • Exactly. This. I guess they can cram in more people with credit cards. It’s only an improvement for the stock owners. That is as long as people don’t stop coming due to all of the improvements.

  2. We are letting our annual passes expire next month. We won’t be going back. Disney has gone down the wrong road

  3. Ugh that was a great place to sit in shade and people watch. But that also led to a bottle neck maybe that’s why they removed them? They will be missed 😢

    • Looks like crap – was truly beautiful – added such a beautiful touch to that area. Who is making these decisions??? We go to Epcot because IT IS BEAUTIFUL. If we wanted a concrete jungle we would head to Universal!!!!! Wake up Disney!!

  4. Ugh… not only was it needed shade in the Florida sun, and something we need for the environment, but it’s also a step backwards for themeing. That areas was suppose to represent Champs-Élysées in Paris … which famously has trees lining it.

    In response to the other posters: we let our passes expire 3 years ago. Sad that they keep doing that eventually test our patience too far. For me it’s a combination of value for money, and the loss of magic and themeing.

  5. Y’all love to assume that this is the completed look of the area. Just chill out. There’s still 5+ Months before Ratatouille even opens.

  6. A good source has said that new trees are coming in the spring. The trees that were removed, while beautiful, were encroaching on the pavilion itself. Sadly, they were overgrown and had to go. Many of the trees in World Showcase should have been replaced years ago. Disneyland has a similar problem, most notably in New Orleans Square. The beautiful architecture of those buildings, is almost completed blocked by very large trees that also should have been removed years ago. I hate it when the large trees get removed, but there are cases when it has to happen.

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