EPCOT ball

PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 11/17/19 (Skyliner Downtime, Trees Removed from France Pavilion, and More)

Hello from EPCOT! We kicked off this super chilly day with a quick spin around the park to check out everything new going on today. Come along with us!

EPCOT ball

Jammitors and crowd

On this chilly morning, while guests wait to enter the park, the Jammitors are out keeping spirits high and children entertained! You can just barely see them past the crowd.

Test Track closed 1

First thing in the morning, Test Track was closed, but that didn’t stop guests from lining up and waiting patiently for it to reopen.

Test Track closed 2

Space 220 11/17/19 1

Over at Space 220 we can see that they are slowly painting most of the building a darker shade of gray, as well as adding even more “Go Away Green.”

Space 220 11/17/19 2 Space 220 11/17/19 3

Cleaning in The Seas 1

The Seas aquarium got a nice scrub down. Diving Cast Members buffed out gunk from the rocks at the bottom of the aquarium, while one used what looked like a tiny underwater leaf blower to clean out crevices in coral.

Cleaning in The Seas 2

Fish in The Seas 1

The fish decided to put on a show for us! There were so many out all together swimming around.

Fish in The Seas 3

Food and Wine merch 2019 discounted 2

Select Food and Wine Festival merchandise is on sale for 25% off. This is a great time to make sure you get that festival gear you were eyeing before it disappears!

Food and Wine merch 2019 discounted 1

International Gateway smoking area 11/17/19 1

Continuing the saga of the International Gateway smoking area… we noticed that it moved AGAIN! This time, it has moved back to the ramp to the left of the EPCOT Skyliner station, but even further back than the last time it was placed there in October.

International Gateway smoking area 11/17/19 2 International Gateway smoking area 11/17/19 4

EPCOT Skyliner closed

The EPCOT Skyliner station was closed for most of the day with no indication of the issue from Cast Members. We checked in with them multiple times throughout the day not knowing if or when it would reopen.

EPCOT Skyliner station

International Gateway entrance 11/17/19 3

Construction on the International Gateway’s entrance and exit points is still going, but today we noticed that the pathway changed once again. The dedicated exit line has returned and the MagicBand touchpoint line they were using as an exit before has returned to its original use.

International Gateway entrance 11/17/19 6 International Gateway entrance 11/17/19 5 International Gateway entrance 11/17/19 4

France pavilion missing trees 4

Over at the France pavilion, several trees have been removed, possibly in preparation for increased traffic when Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opens. The spots where the trees once were are all filled in with concrete.

France pavilion missing trees 2 France pavilion missing trees 1

La Cava del Tequila sign

Lately the line over at Mexico’s La Cava del Tequila has been so out of control long that they tape has been added to the ground to mark out where to stand, and there is even a sign letting guests know they are indeed in the queue.

La Cava del Tequila queue signLa Cave del Tequila queue markings 2 La Cave del Tequila queue markings 4 La Cave del Tequila queue markings 5

New EPCOT fountain 11/17/19 1

Construction on EPCOT’s new entrance fountain is also moving along steadily. We spotted some concrete walls go up around new planters, and lots of building materials have changed spots over the last few days.

New EPCOT fountain 11/17/19 3 New EPCOT fountain 11/17/19 2

Guardians of the Galaxy new paint 3

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind got some new touches of dark navy blue paint along the side of the building.

Guardians of the Galaxy new paint 1 Guardians of the Galaxy new paint 2

That’s all in EPCOT for today! Tune in next time for all the latest updates on everyone’s favorite construction-riddled park.

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Melanie Beasley
Melanie Beasley
1 year ago

Wonderful variety of photos, thanks for taking me around my favorite place this morning!

1 year ago

So sad to loose the trees in France. :(