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PHOTOS: Construction Walls at Magic Kingdom’s Entrance Shift to Widen Walkway

If you’ve been to Magic Kingdom lately, you’ve probably noticed some of the construction going on. How can you miss those green construction wall eyesores, especially at the front entrance? It seems that with the holiday season here, and therefore the large holiday crowds, Disney had been doing its best to complete at least some aspects of these construction projects to prevent walkway blockages and better crowd flow. This week the dining area by Liberty Square Market opened, giving much need additional seating for the holiday crowds. At Magic Kingdom’s front entrance, construction sites have been resized to accommodate the masses of holiday guests.  

Riding the monorail today, we noticed that the largest construction area had shrunk slightly in size. Wall were brought in tighter around the what will become a large planter.  

When exiting the monorail, it was apparent that the construction walls were shifted to widen the walkway for guests traveling between the monorail and the main entrance.  

The contrast between the new bright red concrete and the remaining “Walk Around the World” bricks show where the construction walls were standing.  

In some areas, the new concrete was poured in irregular shapes, following the outline of the construction walls.  

As weird as this new concrete may look, we’re glad that the area has been opened for improved crowd flow. It’s way better that the maze of barricades by the construction walls that were previously there. To read more about Magic Kingdom’s new arrival experience, click here 

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