International Gateway Entrance 11/11/19 (7)

PHOTOS: International Gateway Entrance Path Changes as Construction Continues at EPCOT

Hello from EPCOT, which seems to have construction going on everywhere you look. This time, we focus our attention over on the entrance and exit to the International Gateway. Our last update in September was even back before the Skyliner opened! Lots of progress has been made in this area in a short amount of time.

International Gateway Entrance 11/11/19 (7)

International Gateway Entrance 11/11/19 (4)

Construction work connected to the Skyliner project prompted some concrete work by the entrance and exit point at the International Gateway into the World Showcase. A large swath of concrete was torn up in this area with rolling hedges placed to guide guests up to security screening and MagicBand touchpoints.

International Gateway Entrance 11/11/19 (3)

Recently, the walkway flow has changed due to the completion of a section of concrete work. The construction zone has been split into two sections, still surrounded by those same rolling hedges. Now there is a gap between the sections and guests are able to use the restroom before they enter security screening, or after they exit the park on their way to the Skyliner.

International Gateway Entrance 11/11/19 (1)

International Gateway Entrance 11/11/19 (6)

Some facade work on the building that houses the restrooms and the World Traveler gift shop has pushed that section of rolling hedges further out into the MagicBand touchpoint queues. That area is set to become the new ticket booths for the area, replacing the temporary kiosk that’s set up right before you reach the Skyliner. Currently, one of the MagicBand queue lanes has been shut down and repurposed as an exit lane, since the original exit lane has been taken over by the hedges.

It looks like work is moving along quickly in these areas and soon we should see a wide open plaza with restrooms and space to walk freely between the Skyliner and the World Showcase.

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