PHOTOS: New Merry Menagerie Souvenir Mug and Popcorn Bucket Stomp Into Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Merry Menagerie artisan puppets since they were announced earlier this year, and now that they’re here, we can’t get enough of them. They’re adorable, and whenever they make their appearances on Discovery Island, the crowd all stands in wonderment at these charismatic critters.

One thing that readers have been inquiring about repeatedly is the status of Merry Menagerie merchandise. With the exception of an ornament and some tees, no further merchandise for the Merry Menagerie had been released… until now, that is. There’s a new Merry Menagerie mug and popcorn bucket set now available at snack carts throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and the crowds are going wild…

Hello there, friend!

Both the mug and popcorn bucket feature similar wrap-around designs of the Merry Menagerie artwork. There’s even a mural of it across from Tiffins:

On it are the reindeer, mama and baby bear, penguins, foxes, and owls that form a part of both the Merry Menagerie puppet encounters and the Holiday Tree of Life Awakenings stories.

At the bottom middle of the design is the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Logo. Both vessels also feature light purple handles and lids.

Merry Menagerie Travel Mug – $5.00

Okay, after the aftershock of learning these existed came the shock of learning how cheap these are going for. That’s right, the mug without a soda costs only $5. Given the high prices of nearly everything in the parks these days, a mere bottle of water can cost you $7… so seeing that these adorable souvenirs are available for just $5 is a real Christmas miracle. With a drink, the mug costs $8.99, still well within the realm of inexpensive souvenirs.

Merry Menagerie Popcorn Bucket – $6.30 (additional $4.99 for popcorn)

You can also get the bucket alone for just over $5.

But of course, we couldn’t resist the siren song of buttery popcorn and paid an extra $4.99 to have the bucket filled.

Again, it’s great to see a new original design make it onto these souvenirs, and if you’re tired of the Mickey Shorts animated style of the latest resort refillable mugs and popcorn buckets, this is a great alternative.

If you’re new to the Merry Menagerie puppet show or the Holiday Tree of Life Awakenings, you can catch both shows in the videos below (or click the links for photos!)

Merry Menagerie 2019 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Holiday Tree of Life Awakenings 2019 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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  1. I live in TN and my daughter is IN LOVE with the Merry menagerie! Is there anyone who can do a park pick for me for 1 popcorn bucket and 1 mug? I am PayPal ready!!!

  2. Is this not one of the buckets you can later refill for $2? I’m trying to decide which bucket to buy for my next trip.

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