PHOTOS: New Pavement, Planters, and More As Work Continues on the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Arrival Experience

DAK entrance
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Welcome to Disney’s Animal Kingdom… if you can find it. No matter what direction you enter the park these days, you’re going to encounter some winding construction walls. So, let’s take a walk through and see what has changed since we last talked about the new entrance area.

DAK entrance

The first change we noticed is the bare planter right as you enter from the bus loop area. Aside from the Animal Kingdom sign, the area could really use some grass or shrubbery. Hopefully, we will see an addition of some plants soon.

DAK entrance

New pavement has been laid all along the area. You can see the difference in color from the pavement leading in from the parking lot above.

DAK entrance

This is also a big change from the green colored pavement we had seen prior.

DAK entrance

Above is what you will be greeted with if you chose to take a bus to Animal Kingdom. This same pathway is what you will use if you walked from your car on the left side of the parking lot rather than taking the tram.

DAK entrance

DAK entrance

DAK entrance

If you are standing at the front entrance of the park looking out at the parking lot, this will be your view. To the right would be the bus loop area we just spoke of as well as the Unicorn, Dinosaur, Giraffe, and Yeti parking lots.

DAK entrance

DAK entrance

While to the left would be the tram load and unload zone as well as preferred parking, charter buses, taxis, rideshare and guest pick-up and drop-off area.

Let’s continue left.

As you can see, there is still a small section of the pavement that is still green in between the rideshare area and the park entrance.

You will hit the rideshare area first. You can see a new edge of the road has been added to make pick-up and drop-off easier for not only guests, but drivers.

If you make a hard right from rideshare, this is where you will meet the tram to take you back to your car or be dropped off if you are arriving.

DAK entrance

This is the view from the tramp loop loading/unloading area. You can see the green cones for rideshare in the distance.

The new pavement has been extended to the tram loop area as you can see. You can get more of an idea of what the new tram area will look like here.

There’s currently no information as to when the new entrance and tram loop will be completed. Make sure to check back here as we will be updating you on any progress as well as information regarding its completion.

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