PHOTOS: Water Slide Parts Staged at Blizzard Beach Parking Lot for Ongoing Refurbishment Project

Driving around Walt Disney World today, we noticed something unusual in the parking lot of Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. A bunch of slide pieces were staged for what seems like a large scale refurbishment of a slide in the park, possibly related to the ProSlide project we announced yesterday.

From these long distance shots, you can see the sheer amount of slide pieces being staged in the parking lot of Blizzard Beach, well over 20 parts in total

The color and straight shape of these slide pieces leads us to believe that these are replacement pieces for Summit Plummet, which may be seeing some enhancements during the park’s extended refurbishment. Many guests who’d been on Summit Plummet recently have complained of non-flush seams in between segments, leading to a rather bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

This unnamed ProSlide project that was listed at the 2019 IAAPA Expo has since been covered up as it seems someone did not want the word of the project getting out. ProSlide did not return our call when we reached out for comment regarding the unnamed project.

While we don’t know the exact scale of the work being done on Blizzard Beach during its refurb, large scale slide work is definitely being done.

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