Episode 3 of The Imagineering Story – “The Midas Touch” Premieres on Disney+ This Friday

Ready to head back into “The Imagineering Story”? The docu-series’ third episode, “The Midas Touch,” premieres on Disney+ this Friday, November 22nd.

This third episode covers how Michael Eisner and Frank Wells saved Imagineering and encouraged widespread growth. They made Disney cool and relevant with teenagers. Every design project the Imagineers touched turned to gold.

The crown jewel, Euro Disneyland, goes over budget and encounters resistance. Poor press coverage and cultural missteps cause low attendance. Humbled, management shies away from future Magic Kingdoms.

“The Imagineering Story” as the title suggests, takes a look at the history of Walt Disney Imagineering. Our own Tom Corless said about the show:

Yes, The Imagineering Story will undoubtedly tell you things that you already knew as a hardcore fan, but there is enough in the way of glorious visuals, never-before-seen footage, and appearances from those who created this magical thing we love so much, that you will be enthralled every moment of the first episode.

And if you want to hear more of our thoughts on the first episode in the series, check out our video review below!

Disney+ launched on Tuesday, November 12th. While there were some issues on launch day, including system outages, user login errors, and long wait times for customer service, the service has earned 10 million subscribers and over 1 million hours of collective streaming.

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