REVIEW: Adorable Duffy’s Jolly Winter Holiday Desserts & Mediocre “First-Prize” Burger at Tokyo DisneySea’s Cape Cod Cook-Off

Spencer Lloyd

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REVIEW: Adorable Duffy’s Jolly Winter Holiday Desserts & Mediocre “First-Prize” Burger at Tokyo DisneySea’s Cape Cod Cook-Off

Spencer Lloyd

Updated on:

REVIEW: Adorable Duffy’s Jolly Winter Holiday Desserts & Mediocre “First-Prize” Burger at Tokyo DisneySea’s Cape Cod Cook-Off

Everybody loves Duffy the Disney Bear! It’s like how everybody’s got a water buffalo (and if you get that joke, you get an imaginary cookie). Duffy is so insanely popular that he gets his own little mini-events at Tokyo DisneySea through the year. And to celebrate the holiday season, Duffy and his friends are on Duffy’s Jolly Winter Holiday! With the coming of a new Duffy event also comes adorable Duffy desserts and a new burger at Cape Cod Cook-Off to devour! So, let’s visit Duffy, Gelatoni, and all of our favorite friends that aren’t CookieAnn in Cape Cod and test out their new treats!

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Completely off-topic, but Cape Cod has some of the best area music at Tokyo Disney Resort. This is true for most of Tokyo DisneySea, actually. Here in Cape Cod, we can listen to rousing instrumental renditions of sea shanties and classic nautical songs. All while enjoying the period-appropriate New England harborside village and the adorable stuffed bear that inhabits it!

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When you buy a set meal at Cape Cod Cook-Off, you can also enjoy 45 minutes of the continuously-running My Friend Duffy show! The show features Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, and TippyBlue as they make new friends at home and on their adventures.

Cape Cod Cook-Off First Prize Set – ¥1080 ($9.94)

TDS DuffyJollyHoliday19 9

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Tokyo Disney Resort does a lot of things right. Burgers are not one of them under any circumstances. I’m not sure exactly why all of the burgers at the resort are so bad, even by theme park standards. But I certainly would love to know, because it feels like something that should’ve been fixed at an American-exported theme park by now. The special burger for this season is a bacon and egg cheeseburger, and it’s probably the best burger you can get at the resort right now! Unfortunately, that doesn’t really account for much in terms of quality. As per usual, the patty was a little dry and overcooked. The bacon was also cooked Japanese style, which means soft rather than crispy. However, the egg and teriyaki sauce I feel added some extra flavor layers to this that we don’t usually see around the parks! The teriyaki sauce provided a nice sweet/tangy zest, while the scrambled eggs and bacon added to the savory factor. I don’t think you’ll be hideously disappointed by this one, but don’t expect anything mind-blowing either. Seeing My Friend Duffy makes this one worth it, if you ask me.

Gelatoni Candy Case – ¥950 ($8.75)

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Here at WDWNT, we are Gelatoni stans, first and foremost. Please excuse me while I scream internally about how freaking adorable this is! It’s everyone’s favorite feline artist popping out of a paint can! Oh my gosh, I need like thirty of them.

Strawberry Milk Mousse Cake with Souvenir Plate – ¥900

TDS DuffyJollyHoliday19 4

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The problem with reviewing Duffy stuff is I often get caught up in how darn adorable everything is! I’m loving this plate with Duffy popping out of a snowman stocking! As for the dessert itself, it’s a bit of an experience to try and eat. The outer layer of icing is rather spongy and bouncy, almost as if it doesn’t want you to break its perfect dome seal. Once you get in, however, you’ll find an almost too-sweet strawberry flavored cake and a surprise strawberry jam core!

Milk & Raspberry Mousse with Souvenir Cup – ¥900 ($8.29)

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TDS DuffyJollyHoliday19 7

TDS DuffyJollyHoliday19 8

I’m eating so much sugar today between all of these snacks and desserts! But I think we have room for one more. And who can say no to that adorable Duffy’s Jolly Winter Holiday mug? Another one for the cupboard! The dessert itself is layered between a milk layer (yes, milk-flavored. It’s pretty common in Japan) and a lower raspberry layer. Put them both together and you get this interesting contrast that compliments rather than clashes, but you may also be overwhelmed at how sweet they are together. I loved the gooey red sauce on top as well, and the little candy cane-pattern chocolate on top made for a cute ornament. It’s a little more pricey (to the tune of ¥100, or $0.91) than the standard Disney Christmas mousse with a souvenir cup. But frankly, I enjoyed this one far more!

The adorable Duffy’s Jolly Winter Holiday desserts are available until December 25th, and the burger is available through March 22, 2020! Stop in and visit Duffy and his friends today!

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