REVIEW: Grandma Sara’s Special Set is a Return to Form at Tokyo Disneyland for “Disney Christmas 2019”

Ho ho ho! Merry Disney Christmas, everyone! It’s the holiday season at Tokyo Disney Resort, and that means a new slate of food to devour and review for you all! So, let’s take a closer look at the tasty treats to celebrate the season this year!

In the past, I’ve made no secret of my distaste for Grandma Sara’s Kitchen at Tokyo Disneyland. The past year has marked a swift downfall for Tokyo Disneyland’s best-themed restaurant. But with the new Disney Christmas 2019 set, I think I can safely say that the restaurant is on its way back up in the rankings! So what makes this set so redeeming? Well, let’s take a gander!

Special Set – ¥1580 ($14.49)

The set itself comes with an entree and little sides, a soft drink, and a little cake slice.

The main dish is the seafood cream bread, which essentially functions like a bread bowl overflowing with cheese. The bread itself is an ideally-baked baguette. There’s not too much crunch, and it doesn’t get soggy on the interior from the filling. And speaking of filling, it doesn’t taste anything remotely like seafood cream on the inside. Rather, I tasted almost a pizza-like taste. The plentiful cheese helping combined with a fair amount of tomato on the inside leaves no other comparable taste.  As for the sides, the potatoes are well-seasoned if a bit bland. If you dip them in the spare cheese and whatever spills from the bread bowl, you’ll make up for the otherwise “meh” seasoning. And the sausage with bone is a bit stiff on the first bite, and it’s essentially a mini hot dog on a bone. It’s a litlte less juicy than I’d prefer, but it’s still fine nonetheless. Just be sure not to bite into the bone!

The cake itself strikes a difficult balance between spongy and dry. I love the little cranberries inside and on the top! They provide a nice, tangy twist to an otherwise sweet finisher. You can cut in to the cake rather easily, without everything falling apart and spilling in the tray. With the lovely combination of sweet and tangy, you’ll have an excellent finisher to a surprisingly excellent meal!

Overall, the new Disney Christmas Special Set has partially restored my faith in Grandma Sara’s Kitchen. If the menu keeps up at this pace, it’ll be among my favorite restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort in no time! If you want to try for yourself, the Special Set is available through December 25th! Give it a try and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Grandma Sara’s!

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Tim Horton
Tim Horton
1 year ago

Is this a Walt Disney World site or a Disney Tokyo Site

Tom Corless
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim Horton

It’s an all Disney Parks site