Disney Developing New Interactive Device That Would Activate Audiovisual Effects

Disney is developing a technology that is totally not like the interactive wand experiences over at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. According to this patent application, the user of a directional antenna (the wand in the image) would send a signal to a second interactive device which would then perform an audiovisual effect.

Essentially a gesture or activation of a button on the device used by the user would activate an effect on the intended location or target.

In the diagram, a user holds a magic scepter, which represents one example of the interactive device. The interactive device may have any suitable alternate implementation, such as a carried or body-worn toy blaster, a toy sword. A model is arranged at a distance from the user and represents one example of the interactive device. In some cases, the model may have the appearance of a character from the storytelling or gameplay experience.

The patent indicates the device wielded by the user could be a variety of objects, such as a toy blaster, magic scepter (wand), or sword (lightsaber?) Also, indication that the interactive device the user is aiming at could be a character means users might be able to battle or activate interactive character in a theme park setting.

As with any patent, this technology might not be utilized, but this application means that the technology is at least being considered. Possible use of this patent could be at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, where guests staying at the resort could activate a variety of interactive devices or characters.

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