PHOTOS: Innoventions West Stripped Down to Steel Framework As Demolition Nears Completion at EPCOT

First came the closure of Club Cool, then came the removal of the Fountain of Nations, and once Fountain View was gone, well, that’s when we realized there was no turning back. As demolition powers through the former Innoventions/CommuniCore West building, it has left the space completely stripped down to steel framework.

The building now stands completely bare, a jarring sight in plain view of guests. With no back walls or windows left, you can see right through the entire space to the other side of Future World.

A small set of windows and shingles remain on the corner of the former corridor, but you can see right through to Pin Central (also destined for demolition) from one of the gutted walls.

As a reminder, this building will not be repurposed or refurbished in any way, but fully demolished and leveled in the coming weeks, if not days at this pace.

This area will be used to make room for the development of a new Festival Center as part of World Celebration, one of the new neighborhood concepts for the reimagined version of the park. What do you think about the large-scale demolition and construction currently taking place throughout EPCOT?

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