PHOTOS: Both Sides of Innoventions West Now Blown-Out as Demolition Rages On at EPCOT

Demolition on the former Innoventions West building at EPCOT appears to be progressing rapidly. Ever since the roof of Fountain View came down, demolition has focused on the building’s interior and exterior trim. Now, the backside of the Innoventions West building is being worked on, having its walls and trim removed mostly overnight.


Guests have been looking at the demolition of the inward facing side of the building for a few weeks now.

What’s new is the demolition reaching the outward facing side, looking towards the Imagination pavilion.

You can see through to the center of Future World from this side.

A few windows still stand along the former Innoventions/Communicore corridor.

Moving back towards the inside, we can only imagine that this will all be gone in a few days.

What do you think about the large-scale demolition and construction currently taking place throughout EPCOT?