Tree of Life 12/7/19

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 12/10/19 (Merry Menagerie Cupcake, Kevin Visits Dug, Harambe House Club 33, and More)

Jambo from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Today we are ready to trek through the jungle to see animal friends and check out what’s new in this beautiful park!

Tree of Life 12/7/19 Merry Menagerie cupcake 2

First thing this morning we stopped by Creature Comforts, Animal Kingdom’s Starbucks location, and picked up this adorable Merry Menagerie cupcake. You can read our full review of it here!

Merry Menagerie cupcake 3 Merry Menagerie cupcake 4 Kevin and Dug 2

As we were taking pictures of that little beauty we stumbled upon an impromptu reunion between Kevin and Dug!

Kevin and Dug 1

How dang adorable is this?

Dino in Dinoland 12/7/19

I am now dead from the cuteness. This is me. RIP.

Smilodon DAK

How do I start a campaign for merch with this smilodon? He’s perfect. What a good boy.

Dug 10th anniversary 12/7/19 1

This Dug 10th anniversary plush caught our eye… but not for a good reason. What the heck did they do to his snooter?

Dug 10th anniversary 12/7/19 2 Y’all Yeti for This tee 12/7/`9

This t-shirt in the Expedition Everest gift shop cracked us up. And then the song got stuck in my head.

Kali River Rapids 12/7/19 2

Kali River rapids only had a 5 minute wait around 11 am, even though it was toasty outside.

Harambe House 12/7/9 1

Harambe House, the new Club 33 location, is looking fabulous with new windows and signage painted on the front!

Harambe House 12/7/9 2 Pandora jamming 12/7/19

We caught some guests jamming out in Pandora. Totally having the time of their lives.

Dinoland sign 12/7/19

Okay, again, why don’t we have merch with these guys? They’re hilarious!

Discovery Island Trails 12/7/19

On our way out of the park we stopped at the Discovery Island nature trails. This is a great place to stop in the park if you get overwhelmed or need a moment of silence.

That’s all for today’s trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Tune in next time with WDW News Today for another spin through the park.

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Thanks, Catherine!

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What is wrong with Dug lol