Former Disney Parks President Catherine Powell Issues Personal Statement on Being Ousted From The Walt Disney Company

Catherine Powell, the former President of the Disney Parks Western Region, which included Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris, has released a statement regarding her leave from The Walt Disney Company. Her position, first introduced in March 2018, was eliminated in the recent corporate shake-up within the company.


In Powell’s personal LinkedIn page, she posted a long, heartfelt statement on her tenure at Disney and her reflections upon parting with the company:

Today is my last day at Disney after 15 and a half years, during which time I have had the amazing opportunity to work across multiple businesses, in all corners of the world and with incredible people.

I leave with several beliefs I think make a good leader and, intuitively, a great team;

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  1. View your career path as a series of stepping stones rather than a ladder to climb. Career moves seen as stepping stones teach versatility and can lead to new and often greater opportunities which may not have been immediately visible. Curiosity will help you choose different paths.
  2. Have courage. A courageous leader will foster loyalty, leading teams through changes with optimism and inspiration. You cant disrupt or transform without courage. Courage to believe in yourself to make the right decisions, even if there is a risk of failure.
  3. Be authentic. Authenticity creates trust. Teams will believe in and trust a leader they think is being true to themselves.
  4. Embrace vulnerability. Vulnerability is like a super power; it gives you incredible strength and confidence to face, own and eventually conquer adversity. I believe courage and authenticity can only truly exist in someone who is able to be vulnerable.
  5. Enjoy and encourage the success of others. A confident leader shares success. And if you can extend this to your colleagues also, then all boats will rise.
  6. Seek change. Disrupting the status quo is about looking for ways to embrace or finesse future opportunities for growth or even to survive. A useful step to change is to start asking “why?” And keep on asking why until the answer is immutable.
  7. Believe that ideas can, and should, come from everyone and anyone. Create a truly diverse environment in which everyone can contribute and so be their best self. Diversity will thrive under leaders who seek new thoughts and perspectives everywhere they look.

Apparently Walt Disney himself said “You may not realise it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in world for you”! I cant say gratitude was front of mind when it happened. But some weeks after learning I was leaving Disney, I can reflect with immense appreciation on the opportunities and experiences afforded to me and my family. And most importantly on the chance to meet and work with so many incredible people who have lifted me up over the past 15 years to make me a much better version of myself.

As I make my jump to yet another stepping stone, I am excited and curious about what this next chapter might have in store. Maybe Walt was right, and this will be the best thing in world for me!

Since the reorganization, new presidents were announced for each park. All three presidents within the Disney Parks Western Region now report directly to Bob Chapek.

  1. What seperates Disney Parks from ANY other major parks is that in OTHER PARKS, NO ONE CARES when people are changed…

    That demonstrates that to most people, DISNEY, is much MORE then just an Amusement Park, and that people STILL believe in a dream…

    The BIGGEST challenge is running a huge corperation, and still maintaining the personal connection with the people…

    A seperation between the Corporate World, and Parks Operations is necessary….

    To allow the Parks to operate from the Heart will only result in customer loyalty across the board.

    As an independent Amusement/Entertainment owner operator, and former Iconic WDW Cast Member, I speak with life-long experience, and expertise…

    What is required is the OWNER of the place living the Dream, and being there everyday in hands on Operations;… The face and personality to identify with for both Guests and Cast Members alike.

    This is the difference in my operations, and this is what will seperate Disney Parks from any other Corporate Park, just as it once did when Walt Disney was that heart connection.

  2. I wish all the best to Ms. Powell. Her work was amazing, just no longer needed with Disney at this time. To the company that hires Ms. Powell, you will be in for wonderful years of dedication.


  3. Legit class in an incredibly tough situation. No wonder Chapek wanted her gone. The side-by-side comparisons couldn’t do him any favors.

  4. Wasn’t she basically fired? Pretty sure they let her go due to the attendance debacle, and the lackluster response from Disneyland fans towards starwars land

  5. Cheapskate Chapek thru Catherine Powell under the bus! She will find work someplace else (preferably with Universal)and hopefully they will appreciate her years of experience.

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