New “Matcha White Chocolate” Popcorn Coming December 26th to Tokyo DisneySea

It’s been about a year since Tokyo Disney Resort introduced us to a new popcorn flavor. And if you ask me, we need it. So what have the fine folks at the Oriental Land Company concocted this time? Well… it’s a bit more strange than you might think. From December 26th, a new Matcha White Chocolate-flavored popcorn will be available at the Aquatopia popcorn wagon within Tokyo DisneySea!

It seems the resort is having some fun experimenting with matcha flavors, including the delicious Hot Strawberry Matcha Tapioca Milk we reviewed last month. Despite the slightly off-putting green color, I’m very excited to try out this delicious new flavor! The last time we received a new flavor was last year’s Chinese Chili, of which I’m not a huge fan.

Tokyo Disney Resort is well-known for its various (and largely delicious) popcorn flavors. Whether you love curry, soy sauce and butter, strawberry, honey, chocolate, or even garlic shrimp, there’s something for everyone across the various popcorn wagons!

Currently, the Aquatopia wagon serves honey popcorn, but that it appears that may return to only Tokyo Disneyland rather soon. For ¥400 ($3.68), you can get yourself a taste! So grab your Tangled lantern popcorn buckets and make your way straight to Tokyo DisneySea for this delicious (and unusual) combination! The Matcha White Chocolate Popcorn will be available from December 26th indefinitely.

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Maid S Runner
Maid S Runner
1 year ago

I do not know, The color is truing me off, green looks a little bit too much like mold but it might be good.
秘密メイド Himitsu Maid
Maid S Runner