PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 12/21/19 (Planters and Walkways Revealed at Front Entrance, Construction on the France Pavilion Expansion, Feeding Eels, and More)

Greetings world travelers! Hope you’re ready to go, because we’re here to take you on a tour of EPCOT. Let’s get going!

IMG 5541

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When we walked in this morning we had to do a double…no, a triple take. A huge section of the front entrance construction walls have come down to reveal wide open walkways and gorgeous planters.

IMG 5540

IMG 5959

We can’t believe how fantastic this area looks now! The remaining construction walls surround the new fountain, which is still being built.

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To celebrate the film’s release, a limited-edition Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker MagicBand has landed in the parks. We found this one at Gateway Gifts. The band is gray and features Kylo Ren and Rey. It costs $34.99.

IMG 5518


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Over at MouseGear, we found a blue youth tee with Mickey strutting his stuff followed by Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. This tee is $19.99.

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IMG 5587

We also spied this kid’s volleyball that features Mickey and his pals spending a day at the beach. It costs $12.99.

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IMG 5585

You can’t get any cuter than Chip and Dale in their swim trunks.

IMG 5590

IMG 5589

The bottom of the ball has all of the characters’ signatures.

IMG 5600

Bright signage advertising the upcoming PLAY! Pavilion lines the walkway between Innovations East and Test Track. 

IMG 5602

IMG 5603

We especially appreciate the kid playing with Buzz Lightyear towards the bottom of the sign.

IMG 5605

IMG 5878

At the Guardians of the Galaxy construction site, framing is underway for concrete to be poured. To see our latest construction update on the project, you can click here.

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IMG 5641

At The Seas, we were equally intrigued and creeped out to watch an eel feeding. 

IMG 5640

IMG 5639

IMG 5549

new world showcase restrooms epcot dec 2019 8

The new restrooms near the entrance to World Showcase by Refreshment Port have officially opened!

IMG 5552

We’re anxiously awaiting the opening of the temporary Starbucks location.

IMG 5642

Construction walls are still up at ImageWorks in preparation for what we believe will be a new Inside Out meet-and-greet location. 

IMG 5643

IMG 5644

IMG 5693

Over at the United Kingdom pavilion, these guys seem to be enjoying Christmas dinner with the family almost as much as we do. Just look at those faces!

IMG 5741

The France pavilion expansion is starting to shape up. The work on the buildings’ facades is beginning to bring the area to life.

IMG 5738

Lower sections of the building have begun to receive paint.

IMG 5736

A good portion of the facade work is concealed by brown material.

IMG 5733

IMG 5731

IMG 5773 scaled

Pere Noel, also known as Father Christmas, was animatedly teaching guests about French holiday traditions. 

IMG 5775

IMG 5758

Also at the France pavilion, we found the new Aristocats-inspired retro dress and Loungefly bag.

IMG 5789

We swear these Precious Moments dolls are following us…we spotted them last month at Magic Kingdom and now they’re invading EPCOT’s America Adventure pavilion. It’s probably all part of their plan to take over Walt Disney World.

IMG 5790

IMG 5840

With just five days until Christmas, a new bag had been added to the Frohliche Weihnachten collection in Germany. The felt bag has a fun resemblance to lederhosen. It’s $34.99. Better late than never!

IMG 5842

IMG 5841

That completes this trip around EPCOT. Thanks for tagging along! Check WDWNT for all of the latest Disney news and updates!

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  1. EPCOT entrance concept art seems to suggest the central planter will have trees. From your photos it appears they haven’t planted any there. I hope they leave the planter as is. Trees in that location would spoil a great view of SSE. Nice photos.

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