PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 12/30/19 (Neil Patrick Harris “Black Magic” Margarita, “The Mandalorian” Spirit Jersey, MouseGear Prepares to Move, Mickey Meet and Greet Progress, and More)

Good morning from EPCOT! It’s a bit rainy today, so the crowds don’t seem too bad this morning. We’re in for a very long and busy day, so let’s get going!

It looks like we’re getting ready for a fun New Year’s Eve celebration here at EPCOT. We spotted many stages set up around the park. These lights look like they will be a lot of fun to dance under on New Year’s Eve!

Inside MouseGear, the store is preparing to move to it’s temporary location. Many displays and shelves have already started to be removed from the store.

We also noticed the embroidery machine has already been removed.

Before they go, we want to admire some of the decorative pieces we don’t think will survive the remodel. We love you, Figment and Dreamfinder!

This large display is one of the items we think might be removed, due to how much room it takes up in the store. It’s a fun piece, though.

Even if the displays have been removed, there is still some new merchandise arriving here at MouseGear. The Child (“Baby Yoda”) has arrived on a brand new Spirit Jersey.

We also found a new “it’s a small world” UGears set, and we’re gonna need it.

Mickey’s new meet and greet location is getting closer to completion. We can see over the walls that some lighting and décor have been installed.

france construction 12.28.19 - walls 5

Walls have gone up around the entrance to the theater in France. We’re looking forward to the new Beauty and the Beast sing-along opening on January 17.

It appears as though they have started to paint the exterior walls in France.

We can see more windows on the walk-up portion of Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts and Barbecue.

The crew is hard at work and can be seen through one of the open sides of the building.

EPCOT is going to be a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve!

A brand new “Black Magic” margarita has debuted at La Cava del Tequila. This margarita was created by Neil Patrick Harris and combines Mezcal, blackberry puree (yes, the menu says “pure”), cassis liqueur, lime and mint. It’s served frozen and will set you back $21, so enjoy!

It looks like they’ve filled in just a little more pavement around the exterior walkways of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind since our last update.

Thanks for joining us around EPCOT today. There are so many new things coming to this park and we just can’t wait. Be sure to keep following WDWNT for the latest updates from EPCOT and beyond!