PHOTOS: New Concept Art for Belle’s Village, Shops, and Merchandise Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland’s New Fantasyland

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Concept Art for Belle’s Village, Shops, and Merchandise Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland’s New Fantasyland

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Concept Art for Belle’s Village, Shops, and Merchandise Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland’s New Fantasyland

If there’s one thing Tokyo Disney Resort loves more than new food, it’s definitely new merchandise. And there’s a huge haul of merchandise coming this April to celebrate the New Fantasyland expansion! Plus, we’ve got more insights into the shops selling that merchandise, a look at Belle’s Village, and more!

Belle’s Village

img pr191205 2

Before we begin, I just want to point out how adorable it is that the concept art features little girls dressed as Belle.

img pr191205 3

This is by far the largest visible part of the expansion, and features a huge part of Belle’s village. At its entrance is Maurice’s Cottage (which is the home of the FastPass machines for The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast). Once you move further in, you’ll have shops on your right and La Taverne de Gaston and LeFou’s on your left. We’ve already detailed the restaurants in this article. Throughout the area, music from and inspired by the film will play to make Guests feel truly immersed in the new land. And as you exit the village, you’ll enter the enchanted forest. But this isn’t just any forest, as it’s also home to The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast and the Fantasyland Forest Theater!

Village Shops

. img pr191205 7

The Village Shops will consist of three interconnected and highly-themed shopping experiences! La Belle Librarie is themed around Belle’s favorite bookshop. You’ll even be able to spot details like the rolling ladder and her favorite book! Little Town Traders is the town’s general store, where the village people sell their wares and make trades. Guests can even find hand-made toys, candlesticks and dishware decorating the shop. And over at Bonjour Gifts, the theme is the village tailor. Guests can find decorative dresses and crafting tools adorning the shop! But enough about the shops themselves, let’s talk about the New Fantasyland merchandise!

img pr191205 8

Over 100 types of New Fantasyland merchandise themed to The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast and Mickey’s Magical Music World will be on sale at the Village Shops! Some merchandise samples have already been revealed. The glass set (top left) is ¥2600 ($23.86). Or how about that cute coffee cup, at ¥1500 ($13.77). Maybe you’re interested in the huge pouch? That’ll set you back ¥3000 ($27.53). And those plates in the middle? They’re a set available for ¥2900 ($26.61).

img pr191205 9

Maybe you’re more of a Gaston fella? You can get a huge pillow of Gaston for ¥2300 ($21.11). No-one brushes like Gaston… until now with the ¥1700 ($15.60) toothbrush set! Yes, that’s real. Or you can have a Gaston take on the ever-recurring stainless steel mug for ¥2600 ($23.86).

img pr191205 10

There’s even some rose-themed items up for sale! That cute hairband will set you back ¥2100 ($19.27). Or you can get the light-up rose toy for ¥2300 ($21.11)!

img pr191205 22

img pr191205 23

Are you (or will be) a huge fan of the new Mickey’s Magical Music World show? Then you can get 15 different kinds of themed merchandise related to the show! Those mega plushes cost ¥5100 ($46.80), while the smaller stuffed badges run ¥2300 ($21.11) each.

Toontown Five & Dime

img pr191205 29

If you love the new costumes at Minnie’s Style Studio, special themed merchandise will be available for her in every season! For the spring outfit, 8 special merchandise items will be available at Toontown Five & Dime, including plushes and headbands. The cute Minnie headband (which reminds me of the old Fashionable Easter show at Tokyo DisneySea) is ¥1800 ($16.52). The big plush is also ¥5100 ($46.80) here, and the stuffed badge is ¥2300 ($21.11).


img pr191205 30

Over 130 new items celebrating Tokyo Disneyland (and specifically the new attractions) will be available all over the park! The theme is “New Dreams, More Fun!”, the expansion’s slogan. The above greeting cards is only ¥1000 ($9.18). The tissue box holder in the center is ¥2200 ($20.19). And that keychain set? Why, they’re ¥1300 ($11.93) each.

img pr191205 31

This chocolate crunch tin featuring four different flavors will be ¥2600 ($23.86)

img pr191205 32

I’m loving this T-shirt design! Usually Tokyo Disney Resort releases rather tacky shirt designs, so I’m pretty excited for this one! Kids sizes will run ¥1900 ($17.44) each, or ¥2300 ($21.11) for 140cm. Adult sizes are ¥2600 ($23.36) each, or ¥2900 ($26.61) for 3L size.

img pr191205 33

The second design seems to revolve around the park and year itself, which these parks are not usually prone to release. The ears cap is ¥2900 ($26.61). That lanyard in the center might be perfect for taking back to the US and showing off your pins, and at ¥1600 ($14.68) isn’t a bad deal at all! And finally, that pass case on the left is pretty reasonable too, at ¥1700 ($15.60).

All of these items will be available at the Grand Emporium from April 8th, 2020. Beauty and the Beast and Mickey’s Magical Music World items will be for sale at the Village Shops from opening day on April 15th.

Disney Resort Line

img pr191205 35

From April 8th, two specially themed Disney Resort Line day passes will be available! One themed to the new E-Ticket headliner The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, and the other featuring art of the expansion’s four attractions! I’m a huge day pass collector, so I can’t wait for these new designs!

img pr191205 34

Guests staying at the Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Ambassador Hotels will receive this special paper bag from April 8, 2020 through March 19, 2021, as well as a souvenir postcard. The lobbies of those two hotels, as well as the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotels, will feature decorations celebrating the new expansion.

I’d better start saving now! I just know I’m going to be all over these, and I can’t wait to see every single New Fantasyland merchandise item coming next April! If you’re planning on coming to Tokyo Disney Resort, better get booking now! What items are you most excited for? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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