PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Construction Update at Tokyo Disneyland (12/11/19)

While lots of folks are admiring the beauty of the Dream Lights on Orlando’s Cinderella Castle, our Cinderella Castle is in a bit of a transition phase. (Not to be confused with DreamLights, our nighttime parade, of course.) And since the construction is ongoing and ever-changing, we wanted to check back in at Tokyo Disneyland and show you the latest in the massive refurbishment effort.

From a distance, the lack of a top spire is blatantly obvious. The clear, blue skies make it even more obvious.

From one of the most prominent viewpoints, the missing spire is less obvious. I’m still rather upset that the Mary Blair-esque covers aren’t all the way up the castle, but it’s not a huge deal.

From closer to the side, you can see not only the missing spire (and the lovely cloud of air in its place), but also dim shadows of the other towers. I’ve never taken a good look from this side, so seeing the extra supports between the two scaffolding towers made for a nice alternative view.

The sun wasn’t our friend today. The Frozen 2 (or as we call it here, Ana to Yuki no Jo-o 2) wall is incredible! I love the design, featuring the not-often seen travel costumes rather than the end-of-film outfits! If you can time the sun right, you can get a wonderful picture with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf!

And from the Tomorrowland parade route, this unique view probably gives the best look into the upper construction.

It’s an interesting time to be at Tokyo Disney Resort. There’s an insane amount of construction between Beauty and the Beast, the Castle, the entrance, Mount Prometheus, and other incidentals. With even more ride refurbishments coming this winter, it’ll be quite the experience before the April expansions open. Just a reminder that the refurbishment will end on April 7th, 2020. We’ll keep you posted as all this work continues!

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Maid S Runner
Maid S Runner
1 year ago

It is coming along.looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished.
秘密メイド Himitsu Maid
Maid S Runner