Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 2

PHOTOS: Construction Work Continues on Another New EPCOT Tram Loop and Security Screening Area

While the new tram loop leading up to the front of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT park has been completed, work continues beyond some green construction walls nearby.

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 1

The work is visible from the monorail and the monorail platforms. At the moment, what can be seen is mostly just large patches of flattened dirt behind the green walls with materials and pieces scattered about.

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 4

To one side, pieces of a new sidewalk are visible and it looks like the sidewalk will continue on up to the entrance of the park, through a new security checkpoint for this side.

A directional sign is “preserved” against a concrete divider as new pathways are etched out around it.

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 5

Another tram loop should also come down to this end to accommodate guests out at the further ends of the parking lot.

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 7 Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 8

The same sidewalk seems to join a patch of concrete that is currently open for guests to walk around on. It looks like another walkway will branch off of that and lead even further out toward the additional lots.

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 9 Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 10

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 15

Pink piping scattered about and stuck in the ground may indicate some sort of water feature, or possibly just sprinklers coming to this area.

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 11

Directly to the side of the tram loop is an already paved area that used to be part of the parking lot. Rebar, wood, piping, and other construction materials are lined up in this area. A section of concrete has already been cut out, possibly indicating that the whole area will be repaved to match the rest of the updates.

Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 12 Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 13 Tram loop part 2 12/2/19 16

Work looks to be nearing completion on the unfinished side of the already open tram loop. Queue railings are in place now.

Stay tuned for continuing updates on this project at EPCOT.

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1 year ago

This other area might be the beginning for a new bus loop, in case they ever decide to start on a large scale project where the current bus loops and taxi stand live.

Bradley D Monroe
Bradley D Monroe
1 year ago

This would be the tram loop for the Imagine, Explore, and Wonder lots.