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PHOTOS: Even More Concrete Added as Construction Continues on Temporary Park Entrance Bypass in Future World at EPCOT

Today as we zipped through EPCOT on the monorail, we looked down and noticed that some progress has been made on the proposed site for the upcoming water attraction titled Journey of Water. In our last update, we speculated that this area might not be for the actual attraction, but instead may be a bypass walkway to lead guests toward the attraction from the front of the park. We also noticed that more gray concrete had been laid next to the pink concrete to the right. More of those black panels had also been added along the way.

Journey of Water 12/3/19 3

Today, we spotted a few new black panels added to the left of the old ones as they continue to line the sidewalk.

Journey of Water 12/3/19 6

There are also several large pipes as well as other building materials scattered around the site.

Journey of Water 12/3/19 10

Even more exciting, there is a giant hole in the ground past the concrete walkway. The massive hole in the ground has a bundle of white pipes sticking out of it, possibly for water transport.

Journey of Water 12/3/19 11

Further back behind that, there is another hole in the ground with a concrete support tunnel stuck in it and black pipes running out. Ladders and orange plastic construction barriers are scattered throughout the area as well.

Journey of Water 12/3/19 13

Progress leading up to the Journey of Water attraction is slow, but steady, and we can’t wait to see what comes next! Check back with WDW News Today for the next update on this attraction.

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1 year ago

It’s a “HOLE New World” at Epcot!!!