PHOTOS: More Concrete Added to Possible Temporary Park Entrance Bypass in Future World at EPCOT, Future Site of Moana – Journey of Water

Last week, we reported on a potential temporary pathway through EPCOT near the proposed site of the Moana – Journey of Water attraction. With construction constantly progressing in the park, we decided to see if there were any new updates to the area.

A significant amount of concrete has been poured since our last visit, and seemingly done so in urgency. Considering that Moana – Journey of Water will also inhabit some of the space that is currently taken up by the Innoventions West building in the background, we find it hard to believe that this quickly forming concrete work is actually for said attraction.

With Moana – Journey of Water said to be built partially over where Innoventions West currently stands, it’s more likely that the dirt covered area is designated for the new attraction rather than the new concrete path.

We suppose that this is a new walkway to detour guests while work continues on the entrance of the park, the center of Future World, and eventually on Spaceship Earth in 2020. The walkway would lead out over to The Seas Pavilion, right down to where the new, temporary Character Spot location is, possibly bypassing all the construction as a temporary way to get into this area of the park. To clarify, we have not heard that this is happening, it’s what we assume to be taking place based on what we see.

If you look to the side of the site you can also spot a fenced off area. This walkway is currently being used to transport Cast Members from backstage to the front of the park.

The current entrance to the backstage path is over near the Pluto meet and greet area. Since these walls were put up, we can also theorize this will serve as the entrance to the new guest walkway.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of the walkthrough (or potential walkway) as construction progresses in the area.

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1 year ago

stories like this, what would really help is some sort of overhead map so we can see precisely where this is being done. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out where it is from the description and the photos, but not always.

Tom Corless
1 year ago
Reply to  Nicholas

Having to build custom maps for each story is time and energy that no one has, sadly.