Harambe House 12/17/19 2

PHOTOS: Exterior Work and Signage for Club 33’s Harambe House Now Completed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Today on our trek through Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we stopped by Harambe House, the location of the park’s new Club 33 lounge, to check on the progress of construction.

Harambe House 12/17/19 1

We were delighted to find that the external work on the main building seems to be completed! Last time we checked in, we spotted a worker adding letters to the front facade. Back then it only said “HARA,” and now the signage has been completed. The scaffolding surrounding the building has also been completely removed.

Harambe House 12/17/19 2

The signage now reads “HARAMBE HOUSE” with “THELATHINI NA TATU” in smaller print underneath. “Thelathini na tatu,” means “33” in Swahili!

Harambe House 12/17/19 3

Along with the newly completed signage, windows and other final details have been added to the building. Disney plans to open this new Club 33 location by the end of the year, so it is only a matter of time before we see the construction walls come down and the new location opens.

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1 year ago

I’m crying that the place exclusive for rich people is modeled after a colonial fort we love historical irony