PHOTOS: Even More New Mickey and Minnie Retro Cherry Kitchen Housewares Debut at Walt Disney World

Last week, we reported on the sweetest new kitchenware trend to sweep through Walt Disney World: a retro-inspired cherry design collection! It looks like the summery fashion is here to stay, as today we noticed even more items in the range have dropped into the resort!

cherry retro kitchenware

Minnie Mouse Pie Dish ($34.99)

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

This “Sweet as Pie” new dish is perfect for whipping up those holiday pies! The red and white gingham edge patter is very retro and reminiscent of family picnics.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Ceramic Mug Set ($27.99)

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

These adorable “keen and cute” mugs feature the “Sweet as Pie” Minnie and Mickey: “With a Cherry on Top!”. The ceramic mugs look to have a chunky, sturdy, diner-style design and come as a pair. Beautifully boxed in that all-over cherry print, this set would make a perfect gift for the sweetest couple you know!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse “Back in the Day” Plate Set ($34.99)

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

cherry retro kitchenware

We love this set of four individual plates, each with a pastel-coloured design featuring Mickey and Minnie and diner-style slogans, throwing us “back in the day”! These would be perfect for serving up slices of your latest pie creations on to your family and friends over the holidays.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Cherry Apron ($34.99)

First up is this colorful apron. We may just have to grab one of these for our holiday cooking.

The Mickey and Minnie pocket detailing is too cute.

Hmm, maybe we won’t do too much cooking in this, after all. We’ll just put this on for the photos and let our friends do the baking to keep it looking immaculate.

Minnie Cherry Cake Stand ($39.99)

You bakers out there have a fun new way to display those beautiful pies made in the cherry tin. This cake stand features a retro image of Minnie serving up a freshly baked cherry pie.

The stand itself includes cherry details, as well.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Cherry Dishtowel Set ($19.99)

Can you ever have enough dishtowels? This adorable set will bring a classic look to your kitchen.

The first dish towel in the set features Minnie and Mickey sharing a treat — with a cherry on top — at an ice cream parlor.

The second towel features cherries only, in case you want to tone down the Disney. But, where’s the fun in that?

Minnie Cherry Magnetic Shopping List ($12.99)

Jazz up your fridge with this magnetic notepad, which includes lined paper for writing your grocery list. You definitely won’t forget to pick up the cherries!

Minnie Flower and Cherry Measuring Cups ($24.99)

Measure out your sugar and flour while looking at this sweet scene of Minnie and Mickey.

Minnie Flower Notecards ($12.99)

It’s always nice to include a thoughtful note when gifting sweet treats to friends and family. Minnie is sure to put a smile on the face of whoever receives your gift.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Cherry Oven Mitt and Pot Holder ($19.99)

This oven mitt and pot holder set will give your kitchen a nice pop of color.

There seems to be some disagreement between the couple over if the secret ingredient is magic or love. We’ll let you decide.

Here’s the back of the mitt and holder.

Minnie and Mickey Flower and Cherry Recipe Cards and Recipe Box ($12.99)

Finally ready to start organizing your recipes? Here’s a product that will make the task more fun. This recipe tin includes notecards for documenting all your favorite recipes.

Front of the recipe card.

Back of the recipe card.

Minnie and Mickey Cherry Rolling Pin ($29.99)

Get those cookies in shape with this beautiful rolling pin that could also double as a piece of kitchen decor.

We love the little details on the side of the rolling pin.

Mickey Mouse Cherry Kitchen Storage Container ($34.99)

These Mickey storage containers will make a statement on your kitchen countertop while keeping your sugar, coffee or flour fresh.

Mickey and Minnie Flower Storage Container Set ($29.99)

The ultimate retro item in this collection is the storage container set. These look like a nice gift for the Disney fan just getting started in their new home.

Straws ($7.99)

The final item in the collection is a set of paper straws. Jazz up a cocktail with one of these fun additions.

Last week, we found the first items in the collection at Animal Kingdom. Since then it looks like the range has become more widely available through the resort, and we spotted these newer items in The Emporium in Magic Kingdom. Will you cherry-pick your favorite items in the collection? Or would there be any other items you’d like to see in the range? Let know by leaving a comment below!

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Shellie Brown
Shellie Brown
1 year ago

I want all of it!!! Unfortunately I don’t have enough money to purchase a ticket to Disney World plus it’s a 12 hour drive for me!!! :( I really really need these items!!! Please be available online soon!!! ❤️