Harambe House December 7 Construction 11

PHOTOS: Exterior Logo and Windows Revealed for Club 33’s Harambe House Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Harambe House is being constructed to house the newest Club 33 location at Walt Disney World and is set to open later this year. It’s been just under a month since our last visit to the Harambe House construction site at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We went over today to check out the latest updates.

Things have really taken shape at the construction site now, with finishing touches on the exterior being made.

During our last visit to the site, we found that painting was progressing on the buildings exterior.

Today, we saw more details being added to the exterior of the white building.

Harambe House December 7 Construction 2

The words “Harambe House” are now being painted near the top of the building. The large words in a weathered font face the walkway from Africa to Pandora: The World of Avatar. One worker was spotted adding this detail this morning.

The wooden boards are removed from the building, revealing the tops of windows for this new Club 33 location. The shape of the windows match the temple-like shape of other windows and doors that can be found in Harambe Village.

Harambe House December 7 Construction 8

And here is an aerial view of Harambe House with its latest updates.


It is so exciting to see what seem to be some of the finishing touches made on Harambe House. Check back with us as we continue to track the progress of the building’s completion before the year’s end.

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Auntie Gravity
Auntie Gravity
1 year ago

Thanks for reporting on the newest relaxation spot for millionaires.