PHOTOS: Guest Services Emergency Phone Number Now Posted Inside All Disney Skyliner Gondolas at Walt Disney World

The Disney Skyliner debuted this year to a rough start in terms of unexpected downtime, issues with ADA loading, and even a gondola crash, which led guests to be suspended on the EPCOT line for over three hours.

While it continues to transport guests across Walt Disney World property, Disney would like to assuage any fears or anxiety guests may have aboard the Disney Skyliner. While the gondolas have sported an Emergency Call Box and even emergency supply kits from day one, it has now launched a Disney Skyliner Guest Services line.

The phone number for the Disney Skyliner Guest Services line is now posted inside every Skyliner gondola cabin, and has been placed to ease guests tensions after the much-publicized incident.

The Skyliner still experiences temporary downtime on a regular basis, so it may also be a resource for guests who are feeling panic-stricken after being stuck in the air for some time.

Out of all the feedback garnered after the Skyliner incident, many guests were disappointed in lack of communication from Disney during the accident. In fact, many guests took to calling 911 out of a lack of communication, as many call boxes were disabled and there was no other way to contact Cast Members during the accident.

If you find yourself stuck in a Disney Skyliner gondola or in need of any assistance while aboard, call the Disney Skyliner Guest Services line at (407) 827-2515.

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