PHOTOS: Second New Security Screening Area Prepares to Open at Magic Kingdom’s Transportation and Ticket Center

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If you’ve been through the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) at Magic Kingdom in the past few months, you’ve probably encountered some of the ongoing construction. It was announced in April that the transportation hub would be receiving a major overhaul, including expanded security screening areas and new tram loading/unloading areas. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on.

The area in front of Mickey’s Gift Station (which is currently closed) is being cleared.

Right outside of Mickey’s Gift Station, wood framing has appeared, which we imagine is going to become a planter.

At the site of the new security screening area, old concrete has been ripped up.

Concrete is also being removed in the new tram pick-up/drop-off area.

Looking directly out over the new security screen structure, fresh concrete has been poured.

On the structure’s roof, building materials lie wrapped in blue tarp.

A crew member was working on a ladder installing light fixtures.

From the ground view, you can see the panels on the roof’s top edge have been finished. There’s also new hanging lights! The lights have a clean, sleek design.

Since our last update, more tables have been installed and the structure’s posts have now all been painted white.

Last month, one of the new security screening areas opened right before Thanksgiving. We hope that work will continue moving at the current quick pace, so that this particular area will be opening soon. We think that the additional security screening areas will help speed up the whole process of getting to Magic Kingdom.

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