PHOTOS: All-New McDonald’s Taking Shape Near Disney’s All-Star Resorts at Walt Disney World

The future McDonald’s just off Osceola Parkway is taking shape — a “V” shape, that is. With the former restaurant building fully demolished, new framework has been erected, with the back of the new establishment already built up from the ground. Progress at this site seems to be moving faster than at many other projects on property, so let’s take a closer look at all the new updates.

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_14

The V (or “vee”) shape is a bit like the retro-style McDonald’s locations that have a slanted slope toward the back of building. Could “retro” be this location’s theme? If so, the view in this photo may actually be the side of the building.

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_9

While it isn’t clear if this is a new direction McDonald’s locations are going with nationwide, it wouldn’t surprise us if the fast-food giant does something a little different or fun for Walt Disney World.

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_16

There has been a lot of progress since the original building’s demolition, which was originally thought to be only a refurbishment. We can already see that the “back of house” building that’ll hold the kitchens is already well underway. new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_17  new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_17

It’s still too early to know details like where the drive-through and parking lot will be located. We also don’t yet know if there will be outdoor seating as its previous iterations once had.

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_5

Here’s a view of the right side of the building; you can see Osceola Parkway in the background.

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_6

Additional steel framework is staged nearby.

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_17

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_22

Aesthetic details, such as the color scheme or if McDonaldland characters will be featured are yet to be seen. Contractors are first finishing up the core structure of the building.

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_4

new mcdonalds construction 12-21-19_2

While we can see two doorways behind the scrim, we can’t see a drive-through window. Based on the layout of other McDonald’s restaurants, it’s likely to be on the left side of the building.

You can take a tour of the McDonald’s as it existed from 2009 to 2019 in the video below, or opt for a photo tour by clicking here.

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Gary Brueningsen
Gary Brueningsen
1 year ago

To be exact, the building was not ‘completely demolished’. The back portion (mostly the rest room area) and east side wall (where the drive through windows were) remained with the roof over those areas, although they were stripped to the block walls. With those portions remaining, the building code considers it a ‘renovation’.

Gillig von Driver
Gillig von Driver
1 year ago

All the work is being done by podiatrist. Who else would work on fallen arches?

1 year ago

Hopefully we won’t GRIMACE at the new design!

Dave Fullerton
Dave Fullerton
1 year ago

It looks to me like it might be a larger version of one that re-opened recently in Wildwood, NJ. Here’s a link ==>