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PHOTOS: New Mid-Queue Restrooms Now Open at Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

One of Walt Disney World’s most popular rides ever, Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, just got an interesting new update: a restroom in the middle of the queue! We hopped on a banshee this morning to give you a glimpse inside.

Flight of Passage sign 12/17/19

As we were standing in line, we saw this sign alerting guests that there “are no restrooms in the facility.” We expect the sign will get an update soon!

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After winding and weaving through all the turns of the queue, we approached the bioluminescent section of the queue and saw the restroom doors.

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When you approach the doors, cast members are placed outside to ask if anyone would like to stop and use the restroom. Then the entire group is removed from the line to stand in a holding area, and whoever needs to may use the restroom. Later, the entire group is allowed back into the line.

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 15

There are two unisex, one-toilet restrooms available.

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 12
The doors have a twist lock which displays if the restroom is vacant or occupied to guests outside.

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Here’s a look inside the restroom.

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 9

Of course, there is a toilet and ample toilet paper, as well as a feminine product dispenser, and a biohazard and sharps disposal bucket.

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 7

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 5

A sink with soap is available for hand washing, and a hand dryer is provided in lieu of paper towels. A drain sits in the middle of the floor for any possible water runoff.

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 10
Above, there is a motion sensor to keep the lights on or off depending on whether the restroom is occupied or not.

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 13

The restroom is extremely clean and there is more than enough space for an individual, a small family, or a person in a wheelchair. The maximum occupancy per restroom is three individuals.

Will you be checking out this new restroom on your next three-hour wait for Flight of Passage? Do you think Disney should include more mid-queue restrooms for its most popular rides? Let us know below! And be sure to check back with WDW News Today for more Disney Parks news.

  1. They need to build another park instead of bathrooms in the middle of Multi hour queues and hotels with collapsing beds.

  2. When your entire group is pulled out of the line for the restroom, how are you placed back into the line? Do you go back to where you were or are you placed in the line in front of the next group?

    1. I would think that if the entire party left, you’d end up at the beginning of the queue. Those mid queue restrooms will always be full.

  3. The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland has offered restrooms in its queue area for as long as I can remember.

    1. That’s because that attraction was originally going to be a restaurant with the tiki bird show overhead while people ate, so they installed conveniences like restrooms inside that patrons to an eating establishment might need. They later realized that patrons at an eating establishment might also need to not have bird feathers falling in their food, so the restaurant idea was discarded but since the bathrooms already existed they stayed.

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