PHOTOS: First Wall Sections Installed as TRON Lightcycle Run Show Building Enclosure Continues at the Magic Kingdom

Work is progressing on TRON Lightcycle Run as the future Magic Kingdom coaster’s show building is starting to be fully enclosed. Paneling is only on the lowest parts of the building at this moment, but soon the interior of the building will be obstructed from view in the park.

Yesterday, two ride vehicles from TRON Lightcycle Run and a photo op was installed outside of Space Mountain, near the future entrance to the TRON ride. So, let’s take a look at the progress on the show building!

Standing near the Barnstormer in Storybook Circus, you can see the first pieces of paneling being added to the attraction.

Currently, the paneling is unthemed, so we hope that it will be themed or obscured soon, given the large nature of the show building.

Here’s look at all the work happening in front of the attraction, which has quite a large footprint.

Workers adding studs to the show building exterior so that the paneling can be added.

From this last shot, you can see some columns which will no doubt be part of the themed canopy that covers the outside portion of the ride. You can also see how close it comes to both Storybook Circus and Space Mountain, adding a lot of kinetic energy to the back of the park.

Stay tuned for updates on this story and many more.