PHOTOS: New Type C Disney Resort Line Monorail Delivered to Tokyo Disney Resort

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In September, we shared the news that a new set of monorails are coming to Tokyo Disney Resort in 2020. And just this week, it looks like the new Disney Resort Line trains have begun their delivery! An eagle-eyed Twitter user happened to spot the first delivery! So let’s take a look at the new Resort Line trains along with some extra details!

Credit to @msr_ef653089 on Twitter

The cars could first be spotted just off-shore, being unloaded from a docked ship.

Credit to @msr_ef653089 on Twitter
Credit to @msr_ef653089 on Twitter

From there, the cars were spotted in transit through the resort’s public roads. They have to make it to the Disney Resort Line shop next to Tokyo DisneySea. If you ride, you can actually spot the shop and out-of-service trains on the left side!

Credit to @msr_ef653089 on Twitter
Credit to @msr_ef653089 on Twitter

There’s a few subtle but notable changes coming to the new Type C trains. The vehicle is taller and slightly wider than the current series. Also, the Mickey windows are about 50% larger! But the easiest way to tell the difference is the two-tone color stripe. Current trains feature a single wavy stripe.

To refresh your memory, this is the concept art for the interior. The space is much more open, and the Mickey touches are far more prominent. Fortunately, they retained the special Mickey-shaped straps for standing Guests!

These new trains are expected to begin testing soon, with regular entry into service beginning this spring. And the entire fleet will be replaced by 2024. Between these, the new entrance at Tokyo Disneyland, and the New Fantasyland expansion, 2020 is an exciting year at Tokyo Disney Resort! We look forward to riding these new trains and sharing them with you!

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