PHOTOS: New World Showcase Promenade Restroom Facility Opens at EPCOT

The new restroom facility at the entrance to World Showcase at EPCOT has finally opened. These new restrooms replace the old Refreshment Port restrooms that were often… in disrepair, to say the least. Let’s take a tour of the new facility now open to guests at EPCOT:

The new facility is huge, featuring men’s and women’s restrooms, plus a standalone companion restroom.

Two water fountains, complete with a bottle filler, are off to the exterior side of the building.

The standalone companion bathroom features its own entrance off to the side by the water fountain.

For being a bathroom, the attention to detail in terms of light fixtures and decor is stunning, with a lovely World Showcase mosaic as you enter either restroom side.

A fancy new sign lets guests know that this is where to go after they’ve had their fill at a festival.

Despite fencing and construction flanking both ends of the restroom facility, guests are already trickling in as they pass by.

Women’s Restrooms

The women’s restroom features 2 rows of stalls sinks in middle, back to back, plus an open area over by sinks with light fixtures and 2 changing tables. There are 6 stalls, including 1 wheelchair and 1 ADA accessible, and 8 faucets, including 2 set lower down for kids and guests in wheelchairs. There’s also one full-length mirror and a feminine products dispenser.

Companion Restroom

Men’s Restroom

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the men’s restroom, which has 3 stalls and 4 urinals.

What do you think of these new and improved restrooms? They’ll certainly come in handy during the busy holiday season and upcoming festivals.

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  1. As a former WSC custodian, I am over the moon with this. Nothing was ever discussed more by me and my coworkers than the need for these bathrooms to be upgraded and increased in size…and they’re gorgeous!! I hope the custodial team is having a bit of a happy dance today.

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