PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Transitioning to Generic Compostable Plates at Quick Service Dining Locations

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Transitioning to Generic Compostable Plates at Quick Service Dining Locations

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Transitioning to Generic Compostable Plates at Quick Service Dining Locations

Back in July 2018, Disney announced that it would be moving away from all plastic single-use goods at its parks and resorts, which included the full transition to paper straws that took place throughout this past year. They’ve also removed lids from most counter service locations, a move that required a transition to a different cup manufacturer altogether, due to structural issues with the older cups. Now that they’ve tackled plastics, it seems the company is moving towards more sustainable paper goods, as compostable plates are making more and more appearances at quick service locations throughout Walt Disney World.

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We first spotted compostable paper plates around late August while reviewing new limited time foods for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Since these were limited-time offerings, we figured the compostable bowls were a temporary thing, but even more compostable plates have appeared at the park. A new, larger compostable bowl was just rolled out this month at Fairfax Fare and Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land.

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According to Better Earth, the sustainable foodservice packaging company behind these new bowls, these plates are made with 100% compostable, unbleached bamboo fiber. They’re oil resistant and can withstand hot and cold foods, plus the heat of a microwave. (Don’t get any wild ideas, Tony’s Town Square.)

compostable plates wdw dec 2019 2

We opted for a bowl of Totchos at Woody’s Lunch Box to put these new compostable bowls to the test. You know, for research. They’re surprisingly sturdy and comfortable to eat from, without the usual wobble of thin paper bowls or plates.

compostable plates wdw dec 2019 3

Brands we’ve seen used in the past few months include Better Earth and World Centric, and according to Cast Members, it’s a decision that’s usually left to the chefs at each specific location. (Chefs, if you have any further input, feel free to contact us!)

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These compostable cups with lids were rolled out back in August.

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We’ll be on the lookout for more locations using these new compostable plates. While we’d be losing the classic Walt Disney World-themed plates of vacation lore, non-bleached eco-friendly plates are definitely a step in the right direction, and on course with the company’s environmental initiative.

What do you think of this transition to compostable paper plates instead of classic Walt Disney World paper plates?

16 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Transitioning to Generic Compostable Plates at Quick Service Dining Locations”

  1. This is a good step, but I hope the factories that make things like toys and merchandise are also working on reducing their footprint.

    • Their footprint? Meanwhile Disney has Diesel busses, jet engine parking lot shuttles, burn tons of electricity daily in the parks and on the monorail, and fires pollutants into the sky daily with their numerous fireworks shows.

      Yeah….some paper plates will make the difference. 😆

      • Their new solar facility produces enough electricity to completely power two of their four parks. I think they’re making better progress than most companies out there. When it comes to paper plates, EVERY LITTLE BIT helps. It’s one less piece of garbage that will clog the earth’s ecosystem. Disney busses are running on R50 diesel now, and many (if not all) of their fireworks are fired using a compressed air launch system.

  2. Compostable plates and bowls are fine, the paper straws are garbage. They breakdown too quickly and get soggy while you’re still using them. Who wants to ingest processed paper while you’re eating?! Not me

    • They should use the compostable clear straws that work and feel like regular plastic ones but aren’t. In the meanwhile, either bring your own or go without a straw.

    • You think the straws get soggy….wait until you see what happens to those paper plates. Hint: You better eat your food fast.

  3. We live in PA and the Disney outlet no longer uses plastic bags. If you want a bag you must pay for a reusable one. We were in Disney World a couple weeks ago. We ended up with plastic bags from everything we purchased. Even more confusing to me was seeing all the balloons being sold. I lost count of how many I saw fly away.
    I’m good with them changing over to compostable alternatives for plates and such but they really need to rethink selling balloons.

    • They simply need to shut down the parks. They don’t use renewable energy and have a MASSIVE carbon footprint. Disney going “green” with paper plates and straws is as pointless as celebrities proclaiming environmentalism while driving massive limos and flying in their private jets.

  4. This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen! You are not going to save the planet by getting rid of plastic! Get over it! I was there in May and it was so annoying having to drink from a paper straw! I had to use twice as many because the straw kept getting soggy!

  5. What about all the plastic water bottles? Should be transitioning to water stations and Disney or other multi-use water/beverage bottles. Same for plastic bags at all the shops!

  6. This is a good step in the right direction! We bring our own reusable straws when we travel (anywhere) now and have been looking into options for our own bamboo travel utensils.

    It’s an easy small change that has the potential to make a big impact. Especially in a place that sees and feeds so many people each day, each year.

  7. Corporations making sweeping, large scale changes like this one is EXACTLY what needs to happen in the battle against Climate Change.

  8. I’m so happy to see this change. It’s a smart move. I’ve used plates similar to these and they are surprisingly sturdy.

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