REVIEW: New Beer Caramel and Pretzel Bites Debut at Karamell-Kuche in EPCOT

There are three things that we always stop for in the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT: Beer, caramel, and pretzels. These are some classic offerings here in Germany, but on our most recent trip to Karamell-Kuche at EPCOT, we found a new treat with all three of those elements rolled into one. You can now find an order of pretzel bites with beer caramel for $8.49.

Inside Kramell-Kuche, there is an array of delicious treats to choose from, but these caught our attention for the fun presentation. A tiny “mug” of beer caramel is just too cute to pass up. And sounds incredible. We must have them.

This is why we love Cast Members.

The order appears small at first glance, being only 5 pretzel bites and a pretty big mug of dipping caramel. The pretzels weren’t as great as some of the other pretzels you can find in the parks, but the beer caramel makes up for it.

This thick and rich Werther’s caramel is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. We used the pretzels like spoons to scoop out the delicious beer caramel. It really tastes like a melted down Werther’s Original candies, and we’re perfectly happy with that.

It’s thin enough to pour, and we may have dripped some caramel on our shirt, but it was worth it. We even had extra caramel left over, and were tempted to buy another pretzel from the stand. We didn’t want to waste such delicious caramel. The pretzels might not be anything special, but the caramel is perfect. They could probably just sell cups of the beer caramel alone and we’d buy it. We’ll find a pretzel, apple, cookie, or something to dip in it for sure.

Overall, we don’t know if we’d get them again, but we certainly enjoyed every bite of these. Will you be traveling to EPCOT for these new pretzel bites? Or will you stick to the classic giant pretzel and maybe a flight of caramels instead?

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Nicolle Noyes
Nicolle Noyes
8 months ago

Was this a snack credit?