Oga's Happabore Sampler

REVIEW: New Happabore Sampler Arrives at Oga’s Cantina in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Travelers visiting Oga’s Cantina at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will find that a new item has appeared on the menu. The popular hang out located in Galaxy’s Edge has a new snack for hungry travelers. The Happabore Sampler brings together a variety of meats, cheese, and vegetables for a perfectly shareable snack. We were first introduced to the Happabore Sampler at Disneyland when it was added back in October. The Disneyland version is described as a selection of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, pickled and preserved rations, and crackers. While the price is the same, the West Coast version offers a much different variety as well as presentation.

The Happabore Sampler here at Walt Disney World is a selection of cured and roasted meats, cheese, and pork cracklings. A similar version was tested earlier this year, but was plated and presented a little differently. We’ve noticed a lot of similarities, as well as a few differences.

This beautiful assortment of meats, cheeses, and veggies is served on a much different plate now. It’s also spread out more, but there is certainly a wide variety. Mortadella, Spam, and chorizo are surrounded by a unique selection of crispy pork rinds and chips. For cheeses, we’ve got a spoonful or burrata and a chunk of pulled mozzarella. There’s a few veggies mixed in, such as roasted scallions and pickled cauliflower. The scallions were disappointing, but the pickled cauliflower was delicious.

Part of the fun for us was trying to identify some of the more unique looking items. The roasted radish was surprisingly good, even if we couldn’t quite figure out what we were eating at first.

There were quite a lot of peppers on the plate, which we didn’t care for. It seemed like a bit of filler for the tray. It was visually appealing, but just didn’t impress us taste-wise.

The chorizo was incredible, as well as the mortadella. We devoured them quickly, and it’s a shame there wasn’t more.

There are a lot of large chunks of Spam, too. Honestly, only a Star Wars-themed meal could make me consume Spam and actually like it. The layer of black bean hummus underneath reminded us of a spicy mustard and actually complimented the Spam nicely.

As excited as we were for pulled mozzarella, this is basically a string cheese that’s been partially peeled. And there’s very, very little of it, unfortunately. The mozzarella cheese was a little disappointing, but the burrata was quite delicious.

The pork rinds and crispy chips were another favorite part of the Happabore Sampler. The chips tasted like cinnamon and sugar, but we were told the sweetness came from olive oil and orange. We’re not sure if this might have been a mistake, but however they get their sweetness, they’re one of the highlights of the tray. There is a wide range of flavor profiles here, from the sweet chips to the pickled vegetables. It’s a great option for adventurous travelers.

While enjoying some of our favorite concoctions, it’s nice to have another snack option besides Batuu Bits. The Happabore Sampler is available for $21 at Oga’s Cantina at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Will you be giving this new charcuterie tray a try on your next visit to Batuu?

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Dan Jeffrey
Dan Jeffrey
1 year ago

Probably oaxaca cheese with the theme of the platter and not mozzarella. It has the same string cheese look to it.