PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 12/26/19 (EPCOT Spirit Jersey, Traveler’s Cafe Starbucks Finally Open, Holiday Crowds, and More)

Welcome to a rainy and cold day here at EPCOT. For being a holiday week, it seems as if the weather has been holding off the crowds today. We did notice a lengthy line of cars backed up waiting to get into the Magic Kingdom this morning, so we’re thankful to be here at EPCOT.

Starbucks has opened! The Traveler’s Café is located next to the new restrooms just outside of World Showcase, close to Refreshment Port.

We were super excited to get our drink this morning. We were not alone in our excitement, either.

Well, maybe we spoke too soon about the crowds. Glad we got our caffeine, because we’re gonna need it today. Journey Into Imagination with Figment has a crazy queue that wraps back and forth outside the entrance.

Not much has changed that we can see at the new meet and greet location , but we have a feeling there is some work going on behind the scenes over here.

We can just see a little bit over the wall for the new Inside Out meet and greet location.

Living with the Land had a 50 minute wait. The FastPass line wrapped around the seating area and looped back all the way to the registers at Sunshine Seasons. The holiday overlay for Living with the Land is amazing, but we’ll have to pass on this one today. Even with a FastPass, we didn’t want to wait that long.

Aurora was out and greeting guests in her winter wardrobe.

Speaking of cold weather, this new EPCOT Spirit Jersey is now available. The white lettering really pops against the black.

The rain has held off, but it’s still pretty chilly today. Time to make our way back to the Traveler’s Cafe for a hot beverage. Thanks for following us today and stay tuned for even more updates from EPCOT and beyond!