REVIEW: New “I Lava You” Dole Whip Float at Sunshine Tree Terrace is a Tropical Delight in the Magic Kingdom

Sunshine Tree Terrace is home to the Magic Kingdom’s newest ice cream dessert. Let us introduce to you the new “I Lava You” Float, inspired by the fan-favorite Pixar short film Lava. In the film, two volcanoes find love and let me tell you, we found love in this float. Let’s take a look at this tropical treat!

This little volcano of a float can be found at the top of Sunshine Tree Terrace’s menu and costs $6.99. It replaced the Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired Redd’s Revenge Float.

The float consists of Orange Dole Whip, orange Fanta, strawberry and passionfruit syrups, and popping candies. We are not huge fans of orange Fanta, but we decided to give this dessert a chance. We’re glad we did. Mixed with the strawberry and passionfruit syrups, the taste of the orange Fanta wasn’t quite as strong. The combination of the Fanta and syrups made a delicious tropical fruit flavor. It’s sweet, but not overly so, and has lots of tangy flavor.

It should be noted that the Orange Dole Whip differs from Sunshine Tree Terrace’s signature tart Orange Citrus soft-serve (as found in an orange swirl). The Orange Dole Whip is sweeter and creamier than the Orange Citrus.

The popping candies that top the float are good old fashioned Pop Rocks. They sure brought back some elementary school playground memories. They don’t add any particular flavor, but of course they make this dessert pop! The float had the perfect amount of candy on top to where you still experienced the volcanic explosion effect, but without it being overwhelming or annoying to eat.

The proportion of soda to ice cream was perfect and the carbonation of the Fanta also extended the “eruption” effect of the float even after we had finished most of the popping candies.

With today’s humidity, the ice cream was melting fast, so we had to start eating this treat before this “lava” started flowing everywhere.

The “I Lava You” Float is the perfect blend of island tropical flavors and a great addition to the Sunshine Tree Terrace menu. It’s definitely worth a trip to Adventureland. Will you be trying the new “I Lava You” Float? Let us know in the comments.

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