Crowded HS 1/22/20 1

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 1/22/20 (Early Morning Crowds, Basketball Jersey Inspired Clothes, and More)

Good morning from a totally packed Hollywood Studios! Let’s take a spin around the park and see what all is going on.

Crowded HS 1/22/20 1

First thing when we arrived this morning, we realized that the MagicBand touchpoints were turned on later than normal, causing a backed-up line.

Crowded HS 1/22/20 2 Empty Ronto Roasters 1/22/20

We finally got into the park and went to check out Galaxy’s Edge. Not a soul was in line for breakfast at Ronto Roasters…

Long SR line 1/22/20

… because they were all in line for Smugglers Run!

GE stage 1/22/20

We spotted this weird little stage over by Docking Bay 7.

Rose gold jewelry 1/22/20 1

This adorable set of rose gold jewelry was in Mickey’s of Hollywood. The bangle bracelet was $19.99.

Rose gold jewelry 1/22/20 2 Rose gold jewelry 1/22/20 3

This beaded bracelet was also $19.99.

Rose gold jewelry 1/22/20 4

And the necklace was $19.99.

Rose gold jewelry 1/22/20 5 Old Christmas Alex and ani 1/22/20

Christmas sweater Alex and Ani bracelets are still available.

Green Basketball Jersey Clothes 1/22/20 1

We found this funky new lime green jersey-style line in Legends of Hollywood.

Green Basketball Jersey Clothes 1/22/20 5

This top was $39.99.

Green Basketball Jersey Clothes 1/22/20 4

This no sleeved drawstring shirt was $34.99.

Green Basketball Jersey Clothes 1/22/20 8

These tiny little shorts were $34.99.

Green Basketball Jersey Clothes 1/22/20 11

And this knit jersey style shirt was $39.99.

Murphy bed sign 1/22/20

Where was this sign when the whole Riviera bed situation happened?

Jedi Training 1/22/20

Next, we passed this group of Jedi recruits on their way to learn the ways of the force. Their little parade was just too cute!

Citizens of Hollywood 1/22/20

The Citizens of Hollywood were out and about questioning guests on their fashion choices on this chilly day, especially those in shorts.

Roped off concrete 1/22/20

This weird section of concrete was blocked off near the Chinese Theatre.

ROTR line 1/22/20

The line for Rise of the Resistance got backed up around 10:00 am due to some guests arriving and waiting before their boarding groups were called.

Storm Troopers 1/22/20

Stormtroopers watching vigilantly over the crowd, looking for Rebel scum.

PizzeRizzo 1/22/20

A good, friendly reminder from Rizzo. Clean up after yourself!

Concrete art 1/22/20

We love seeing water art on the sidewalks, but were surprised it didn’t freeze right up!

That’s all for today’s trip to Hollywood Studios. Tune in next time for even more updates on your favorite Disney World parks!

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1 year ago

Any info on when the line for Smuggler’s started to form? Did they form a line on Hollywood Blvd and then stay in order once the rest of the park opened? Or were people given access to Galaxy’s Edge before the park’s scheduled open time? If the latter, for anyone who got in line at the park’s official open time, how long did they wait to ride?