PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 1/13/20 (Suzy and Perla Make an Appearance, “Finding Nemo” Phone Cases, Loungefly Wristlet, and More)

Welcome to another beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom. We saw a lot of runners in the parks this morning wearing their medals from the weekend.

It’s the perfect day for taking photos.

Over in Fantasyland, we spotted Suzy and Perla, the mice from Cinderella, meeting guests. They were meeting guests near Pinocchio Village Haus, in the location you can normally find Cinderella’s stepsisters and the Fairy Godmother.

Peter Pan was having a good time running around Fantasyland, too. It looks like he’s found his shadow.

If you’re planning a trip to the parks, this “Park Life” travel journal might be for you. Look at all the cute pages for documenting your trip to Walt Disney World!

TRON Lightcycle Run has even more walls going up. We even spotted the crew putting pieces in place.

Over at the PeopleMover, we spotted a few more changes to the support beams around the track. The ones that are covered by construction walls and scrims seem to be getting the most work lately.

Casey’s Corner now has packets of malt vinegar. I’m excited to add this to my fries and cheese sauce.

New “Finding Nemo” phone cases are available on D-Tech on Demand. The “hangry” seagulls case is my favorite. These are $29.99 each.

The Christmas decorations are getting ready to come down. The pathway from Fantasyland towards Tomorrowland is closed off for the giant crane.

We can hear lots of work taking place around Splash Mountain during its refurbishment.

“it’s a small world” is the next best thing when Splash Mountain is closed.

This Squirt and Crush toy has wheels and can be pulled back so that it launches forward. This is a very creepy design. We found this in the Emporium for $9.99.

This retro Walt Disney World pin is really nice for $12.99.

rock the dots Minnie Mouse loungefly

rock the dots Minnie loungefly

rock the dots Minnie loungefly

This “Rock the Dots” Minnie Mouse mini backpack wristlet is available for $40 in the Emporium.

Just checking in with the local wildlife.

That’s all for this journey around the Magic Kingdom. Thanks for joining us around the park today and be sure to keep following for more updates!

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10 months ago

Any word on any special events for the 70th anniversary of the original animated Cinderella? I saw that there were some plans for during the Early Morning Magic in Fantasyland next month but no specifics.