PHOTOS: Latest Construction Update on the Upcoming Remodeled McDonald’s Near Disney’s All-Star Resorts, Walt Disney World

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Some very striking structural updates were made to the McDonald’s under renovation near the Disney All-Star resorts. The restaurant seems to be taking a vintage, 1950s “Golden Arches” direction with its current structure, but let’s take a look at what’s new to the construction framework.


Wow, it looks like this McDonald’s could be rather large and sprawling. The very tall green beams to the left are new — and pretty imposing. They add a lot of space to the perimeter of the restaurant. I don’t typically follow McDonald’s construction progress, but I previously imagined the restaurant would stop at the silver portion of the structure, which has been in place since we were last here.


The McDonald’s is located just off Osceola Parkway (to the left in this photo), so the tall sides have the potential to create a nice view of the restaurant from the highway.


Here’s a look from a different angle.

The green steel structure is seen here being painted white. This could either be primer or a sign that the exposed beams and vertical supports will be a part of the restaurant design.

mcdonalds-remodel-2020-4.jpg mcdonalds-remodel-2020-5.jpg

There are additional green steel pieces staged toward the middle of the photo, which might be added to the structure in the coming days.


Here’s a closer look at the slanted roof from another angle of the building. As we observed in our last update, the V/vee shape is similar to the retro-style McDonald’s locations that have a slanted slope toward the back of the building. We still see potential for a retro theme.


Like our last check-in, it’s still too early to know details like where the drive-through and parking lot will be located, or if outdoor seating will be available.

You can take a tour of the McDonald’s as it existed from 2009 to 2019 in the video below, or opt for a photo tour by clicking here.

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Considering how heavy it can rain in Florida, I don’t know that I’d ever recommend building a roof that slopes to run the water towards the middle of the building. It can work – but is just asking for trouble.