PHOTOS: New Cheshire Cat and Winnie the Pooh Disney Park Pals Arrive at Walt Disney World

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Back in October, we bumped into an adorable Little Orange Bird, the first of the Disney Park Pals line. The collection blossomed into an adorable assortment of Minnie, Mickey, Stitch, Figment, Brer Rabbit, and Simba Park Pals, and now there are new Cheshire Cat and Pooh pals to join the parade.

These figures can hold on to you or any of your favorite accessories. Just clip each figure onto your bag strap or belt loop. You can even use them as oversized pen toppers. Each Disney Park Pals set includes a display stand, included inside the character-specific packaging.

Cheshire Cat Disney Park Pal – $11.99

The Cheshire Cat smiles all too innocently as he grips onto the Alice In Wonderland-inspired leaf design.

Pooh Disney Park Pal – $11.99

Pooh hangs tightly to his Hunny pot. Ironically, he seems the smallest out of the entire collection.

Due to licensing rights, all Winnie the Pooh merchandise has to come with an extra copyright notice. Here, poor Pooh had to get a copyright printed onto his bum.

You can find these and many other Disney Park Pals at The Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.

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