PHOTOS: New Disney Princess Tiara Pins Arrive at Disneyland Resort


PHOTOS: New Disney Princess Tiara Pins Arrive at Disneyland Resort

Hear ye, hear ye! New Disney Princess tiara pins have been spotted at the Disneyland Resort, fans of princesses and pins rejoice! These new designs use the tiaras of each of these princesses to make a beautiful addition (or start) to anyone’s pin collection.

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The packaging for these pins has a sketch of each princess with the pin sitting on the head of the sketch very fittingly, making not only the pin itself beautiful, but the packaging too.


Belle’s tiara consists of yellow jewels to match her gown alongside red detailing and a rose sat in the center of the design as homage to the enchanted rose that the Beast had in his possession for 12 long years. This tiara perfectly captures the essence of Belle alongside nods to important parts of the Beauty and the Beast story, making this tiara unmistakably hers.

Belle Tiara Pin


The tiara of the lost princess has made its way back to her once again, with Rapunzel’s exact tiara from the film Tangled being the design of this pin (with no satchel in sight!) Her tiara consists of three jewels sat at the top of a gold design with red jewels adding some color into the design.

Rapunzel Tiara Pin

As much as I like the designs of the tiaras being based around their story, I love that the kept with Rapunzel’s actual tiara for this design and didn’t create a new one for her.


Ariel’s tiara uses the color palette of her shells and tail and uses ocean-themed detailing to line up with her story and personality. Details on this design include a shell with a jewel sitting on the very top, two starfish and of course four elegant pearls making this tiara match an (ex) ocean-dwelling princess perfectly!

Ariel Tiara Pin

These pins were found at 20th Century Music Company on Main Street USA at the Disneyland Resort and retail for $12.99 excluding tax.

Are you a fan of the Disney Princess tiara pins? I’m hoping we’re going to see more princesses added to the lineup shortly. Whose tiara would you like to see being made into pin form? Let us know in the comments.

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