PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 1/22/20 (“Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” Space Mountain Collection, Lots of New T-Shirt Designs, Tomorrowland Refurb, and More)

A big “hello” from Magic Kingdom! It’s the perfect Florida winter day, with clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. Let’s see what’s going on around the park.

Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Space Mountain collection has just been released.

The collection stars a galactic Minnie and features a Loungefly backpack, MagicBand, ear headband, stackable mug, pins, and a plush.

We discovered another addition to the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction collection––a Minnie doll inspired by Main Street U.S.A. It will cost you a pretty penny, however — there’s a $119.99 price tag.

Minnie’s skirt shows a bedazzled cityscape of Main Street U.S.A.

Over at the Emporium, we spotted adorable Mickey and Minnie Chinese New Year plushes. These plushes have gorgeous traditional outfits with beautiful details. Their colorful outfits are made of silky material with furry trim accents.

Mickey wears a red, blue and gold outfit. He sports a small traditional hat on his head.

Each plush has intricate embroidery on their feet.

Minnie wears a pink, blue and gold top and skirt. Small butterflies are attached to her ears.

Minnie’s outfit is ornately decorated with embroidery and fabric embellishments. Each plush is $29.99.

Further in the Emporium, we came across more Pixar merchandise. All of the new Pixar merchandise coincides with the release of The World of Pixar merchandise collection. We spied some fun new Toy Story costume jewelry. Each jewelry set features a necklace and bracelet with multicolored beads.

The first jewelry set is themed around Bo Peep. The necklace has a pendant of Bo Peep wielding her staff.

The bracelet has a pendant with Billy, Goat,and Gruff.

The second jewelry set includes a necklace and a bracelet.

Both have five charms that include Forky, Woody, Buzz, Rex and Bo Peep.

Each jewelry set is $19.99.

Embrace your inner diva with this Rainbow Unicorn plush pass holder. It has a single zipper pocket and comes with a detachable crossbody strap. It’s $24.99.

Scribble away with this new The World of Pixar pen.

It clicks to change ink color and features fan-favorite PIXAR characters, such as Dory, WALL-E, Russell, Edna Mode and Jack-Jack.

On top of the pen, Luxo Jr. (Pixar’s iconic bouncing lamp) sits on the Luxo Ball. It costs $12.99.

There were a ton of new adult t-shirt designs at Magic Kingdom today! On this gray tee, the Fab Five are surrounded by frames with classic imagery from all four parks. Beneath the graphic is the Walt Disney World logo.

This cream-colored shirt reminds us of an Andy Warhol print. Overlapping images of Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy throughout the years are printed in rows. Below the characters is the work “Timeless” in block letters.

This black t-shirt has a colorful retro Mouse-shaped design with the words “Walt Disney World” around it. Within the Mickey is the number “71” for the year Walt Disney World opened to the public.

The graphic has a shiny (almost metallic) finish.

At the center of this light blue cotton shirt is a drowsy Sleepy. Above him reads, “I’m Like 110% Tired.”

This light pink shirt shows Mickey taking a selfie in front of a sketched Cinderella Castle. All of these shirts are $24.99 and were found in the Emporium.

We found an additional new shirt in Big Top Souvenirs. The meme-inspired shirt shows the iconic “The Little Mermaid” moment where Ariel sings on a rock as a wave crashes behind her. Above the image, the shirt reads, “Me When I Hear A Disney Song.” It’s $24.99.

Over in Frontierland, Splash Mountain’s annual refurbishment is coming along. Crew members were spotted working on the drop section of the track.

Lots of exciting things were happening in Tomorrowland. At the TRON Lightcycle Run construction site, the attraction’s show building continues to be enclosed. Wall pieces have been attached to two of the building’s sides.

The main walkway into Tomorrowland looks a bit different due to ongoing construction. This construction is a part of the land’s ongoing refurbishment. The posts have been covered so that the semi-circular post accents can be removed.

We might have lost our cool a little when we unexpectedly ran into Jim Hawkins from “Treasure Planet” roaming around Tomorrowland. Maybe Disney realized the film (which was a massive box office flop) has garnered quite the cult following over the years. Whatever the reason may be, we’re happy Jim Hawkins is here! Check out our chat with Jim.

After that meet-and-greet, our day isn’t going to get any better. So we’re going to head out. Thanks for following our day!

What do you think about all that’s been going on at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

My soon to be 4 year old son has just gotten into Gummi Bears. I used to watch it when I was little and remember seeing 1 or 2 of them at Disney World during that time. I wonder if old shows like that get enough views on Disney+, will they pull them out of moth balls and send them around the park too? My 8 year old daughter and I really loved seeing Robin Hood and Little John last April when we were last at Disney. I think having rare characters randomly roaming through the park more often would… Read more »