REVIEW: New CookieAnn Sandwich, Lunch Case, and Dessert Are Delightful Delectables at Tokyo DisneySea’s Dockside Diner

CookieAnn, the chef dog friend of Duffy the Disney Bear, is now at Tokyo DisneySea! And to celebrate, new food items are available at Dockside Diner. Since we’re huge foodies and always try the new things to offer at Tokyo Disney Resort, we made our way to Dockside Diner to sample these and give our thoughts.

Shrimp & Egg Salad Sandwich Set – ¥1140 ($10.52)

The sandwich comes in this adorable wrapping featuring CookieAnn, the newest friend of Duffy the Disney Bear!

The sandwich features three pieces of shrimp, lettuce, carrots, egg salad, and a slice of roast beef wrapped in a waffle. Now this isn’t like a hard, cooked waffle. The waffle is soft, and actually comes apart rather easily. The weak structural integrity is probably the most disappointing part of the sandwich.

You can see, it’s just stuffed So much so actually that the bottom seam where the waffle folded over was half torn! You have to be careful with this one. By the time I’d started chowing down, it had fully torn.

And how’s the taste? The shrimp is nicely done. It’s cooked well but not deep fried. It blends well with the egg salad, and doesn’t feel overpoweringly fishy. The roast beef, however, is weak. Obviously it isn’t a major facet of the sandwich, or it would be in the name. But it seems like a mildly unnecessary addition that brings no additional or contrasting taste to the sandwich itself. The carrots and lettuce obviously add subtle but complimentary tastes to the egg salad. And as for the waffle? It’s rather sweet, actually. Maybe there’s a bit of sugar in that waffle batter? It’s not overpoweringly or dessert-level sweet, but certainly noticeable. All in all, this is probably the best sandwich you’ll get at Tokyo DisneySea right now. The New York Deli options don’t look the strongest for the upcoming Pixar Playtime, but we have yet to try them.

Souvenir Lunch Case – +¥1200 ($11.07)

Like the Disney Christmas 2019 lunch case at Tokyo Disneyland, this case is round and features themed designs all over. This time, little comics featuring CookieAnn in the kitchen ornament the case’s sides.

I’m not a huge CookieAnn fan, but gosh darn if she isn’t cute!

La France Pear Mousse & Milk Jelly with Souvenir Cup – ¥950 ($8.76)

You’re probably thinking “What on earth is a La France pear?”. I had the same question when I ordered this, and it turns out it’s a luxury fruit grown in northern Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture. And this was also my first experience with something pear flavored at Tokyo Disney Resort. Pear isn’t often a flavor we see anywhere really, so it’s nice to see them playing around with new ideas!

The dessert itself is also topped with a mini-waffle and a shortbread cookie with CookieAnn printed on it!

This was actually pretty good, honestly. The waffle on top stays soft and doesn’t get soggy from the surrounding mousse and strawberry sauce, and the cookie (which feels very meta, by the way) was also still crumbly despite being a pre-assembled dessert. The La France mousse in the middle was very peary. There’s really no other word for it, it tastes like pears. The only problem with that is the strawberry sauce on top, which very much overpowers the pear taste. Be careful of how you distribute your sauce and how much you get. Below it, the milk jelly liquefies really easily. It definitely tastes lightly milky. But like most “milk-flavored” things in Japan, that just means something lightly sweet to balance out something really sweet. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this dessert. The cup is cute (and larger than most souvenir mugs, hence the higher price), and the dessert is fairly unique and delicious!

All of these special CookieAnn food items are available at Dockside Diner in American Waterfront through March 25th! You really can’t go wrong with these, and I highly encourage you to stop in if you’re in the area!

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